Top Six Minutes - Missing Semin? Edition as the Habs beat the Caps

Very short Top Six Minutes this time, mostly because nothing interesting happened in that game. Not the four goals. Not the shutout-buster. Not the fight. Nothing. What a snoozefest. But YAY THE HABS WIN.

• I don't actually know if the Caps miss Alexander Semin yet but you know I wanted to type that.
• I watched the first half of this game while running on a treadmill, which basically magnified how boring it was.
• Seriously, when was the last time a beatdown was a righteous snoozefest?
• Do you remember that old observation we used to throw around? "When Andrei Markov has a good game, the whole team has a good game. When Andrei Markov has a bad game, the whole team has a bad game."
• It's literally been years since we've been able to say that.
• Please don't get hurt, Markov.
Mike Ribeiro's been running around telling everyone who will listen that he's changed. Do we buy what he's selling?
Brandon Prust, fan favourite, etc.
• I'm a little worried about Lars Eller, you guys. I'm very high on him but the Habs don't seem to be.
• The Habs are still spending a lot of time in the box, and not in the good way.
• So the Carolina Hurricanes look to me to be the only Southeast team worth worrying about right now.
• You just know, now, when P.K. Subban comes back, because he is coming back, that the Habs will lose the first game and then we'll have to hear about how terrible he is in the room for a week.
• Elsewhere in the division, the Leafs and Sabres lost. Hilariously, too.

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