Canadiens @ Canucks Top Six Minutes: The power play comes through in the clutch

Two Canadian squads went head-to-head with a duo of Fenno-Scandinavian young guns, but only one came out on top.


  • Carey Price is going to get a shut out today, book it.
  • The Canucks top LW is...squints...Antoine Roussel. Wait, what?
  • I have a really good feeling about this game. Prove me right, Habs!/

First Period

  • Today’s game will feature a battle between Finland and Sweden. I wonder who’s side Patrik is on?
  • An early Montreal power play. No, really...the good guys got on the man advantage literally less then a minute in.
  • Charles Hudon is setting teammates up left, right, and centre. The best of these go to Delauriers who just misses putting the Habs on the board first.
  • Back-to-back penalties for the Canadiens, who just can’t seem to keep their sticks on the ice.
  • Carey Price’s red pads are gloriously distracting.
  • As the buzzer sounds, neither team is able to break the deadlock. Not a bad start for the Habs./

Second Period

  • The Canucks are testing a new grit it out strategy. Let’s see if it pays off.
  • Spoiler alert: it didn’t. Tomas Tatar continues to do what he always does and puts the Habs up 1-0.
  • Perennial whipping boy Jeff Petry is quietly tied for 8th in the NHL for scoring by defencemen.
  • Darn that Del Zotto for ruining my prediction. Tie game.
  • A power play to end the period didn’t do much to help the Habs.
  • At least it is still a tie game./

Third Period

  • Early penalty? No problemo. The Habs penalty kill is on point.
  • Claude Julien has the most interesting reactions when he is angry.
  • The young Swede on the wrong team puts the bad guys up a goal on a garbage call.
  • But Andrew Shaw responds in kind! Take that you smelly Canucks!
  • The hockey gods giveth and the hockey gods taketh. In this case, it is Drouin’s turn to shine.
  • Well I was nearly right./

Highlight of the Night

EOTP 3 Stars


2) Quite the finish.

1) The return of Price de Nice!

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