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Wild World Championship TSM: Predictable

The day that Denmark plays Canada is always the worst. The absolute worst.

Playing Canada is always about damage control for Denmark. Don’t be utterly embarrassed, don’t get hurt, rest your main goalie so you can win winnable games.

First Period

  • It would be either a great or terrible drinking game to drink every time Olaf Eller, father of Lars Eller was mentioned. You’d be drunk so fast.
  • Giving Freddo the night off, but Sebastian Dahm is no slouch either.
  • Ok Denmark, you GOTTA capitalize on this power play…
  • Oh don’t do that. Don’t please don’t do that.
  • Damn it.
  • Ekdad, why must you break my heart.
  • Aww look at the tiny happy child getting that puck!
  • Oh no… not another Canadian power play…/

Second Period

  • Coach’s challenge giving me hope.
  • Nope. No hope for me.
  • This is an impressively long review.
  • WAIT WHAT???? WHAT????
  • I mean I’ll take it. I’ll 100% take it.
  • Thank you Frans.
  • Oh man. Ebs.
  • I hate everything.
  • Nuge, please do not.
  • Oh Nick was so close.
  • Just one. Just get one. Don’t be shut out. Please.
  • I like this Danish offensive zone pressure….
  • Oh lord. Dahm’s playing goal with a defenseman’s stick./

Third Period

  • Well, that was some very nice Denmark offensive zone pressure for a change.
  • I would really just like ONE goal for Denmark.
  • THAT’S NOT WHAT I MEANT, NUGE. Ew it was pretty too.
  • Nick Jensen has been so close to scoring too many times. It hurts.
  • YES. YESSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Lol I think Parayko scored on his own goal with the perfect tip.
  • Yup he did. But boy will I ever take that. And so will the Danes.
  • Tyson Jost scores. Ouch.
  • Well, this wasn’t UTTERLY embarrassing, as far as it looks, the Danes are still healthy, Freddie got to rest, and two of the hardest opponents are behind Denmark now.
  • Players of the game go to Frans Nielsen and Ryan Nugent-Hopkins with the two goals.
  • Canada wins 7-1./

Highlight of the Game

Why Nuge. Just why.

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