What’s Habening: Episode 2 — The one with the prospect pyramid

I borrow an idea from Steve Dangle, the Habs finally win, and at last our long national nightmare is over.

The pre-season is that wonderful time of year when fans get to tune in and watch both their NHL favourites and the young prospects of their team play together before the roster is set in stone. For some teams, they’re blessed with a veritable cornucopia of talented prospects, while other teams trade them all away for some reason and are left playing fringe NHL players all pre-season.

For the Habs, there’s been a major turnover in their system in recent years and thanks to professional internet yeller Steve Dangle, the idea of a Habs prospect pyramid came up. In this episode I break down what I consider to be a totally unofficial ranking of the Canadiens prospects, and then get into answering some of your questions once again.

As always, remember to include #EOTPWeekly in all of your tweets to possibly have your questions included!

So have at it, and let’s see your own prospect pyramids!

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