What is the best of Eyes on the Prize? Help us decide

Earlier in the year you asked for a section for the best articles ever run on the site, and we gave you one, but now it's your turn to help.

Before the playoffs began, a couple of readers on the site asked for a group specifically to compile the best articles written on the site. I put one together quickly, but obviously during the season and with the playoffs upcoming, I didn't have time to comb the archives.

One of the best advantages of developing a community the size of EOTP is that we can ask your advice, and that's exactly what I want to do.

As writers, we can go and check the stats and see articles that got the most views, but that's a poor substitute for what's "best". Objectively, it's tough to know what articles are the best, and that's why we'd like to ask you.

We ask that you go through the archives and tell us what the best articles are, and nominate them in the comments.

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