A Bitter Bandwagoner Habs Fan's TSM: In Deep Water

The Sharks cut the Knights apart, tying the series up 2-2 on home ice.

Vegas Golden Knights @ San Jose Sharks

Because I have terrible luck, this is the first Vegas game of the second round that I've actually been around for. Hopefully it's a good one!

First Period

  • Sharks have had some lengthy zone time, but haven't been able to do anything with it so far. Then The Knights counter with the same...
  • On a more trivial note, the Sharks’ and Knights’ jerseys look really good together.
  • For a game where not a lot has happened for half a period, it certainly hasn't been boring.
  • That was a really nice Vegas shift.
  • OH MY. NO ONE had Marcus Sorensen.
  • Oh Mikkel...
  • That one nice shift from Vegas may have been their only good one.../

Second Period

  • Things are not going Vegas’ way tonight.
  • OH MY MAF.
  • Welp... 3-0 San Jose.
  • The Sharks are looking very comfortable.
  • GAH TWO-ON-NONE. Wow. What a last minute defensive effort from Shea Theodore to break that up.
  • Oh my god that coordination from Brent Burns.
  • Ouch. That did not look comfortable.
  • That was not a good power play.
  • Ninja Hertl is having himself a game./

Third Period

  • Martin Jones is on fire.
  • Vegas, what are you doing. What are any of you doing...
  • Shut-out, shut-out, shut-out, shut-out...
  • Jones is playing amazingly, AND Vegas isn't testing him much. Not a good combination if you're the Knights.
  • I refuse to call him Captain America, because Patch is Captain America, but Pavelski has made it 4-0.
  • The Knights really can't catch a break.
  • This game is absolutely all San Jose.
  • Here comes the pushing and shoving.
  • Oh my, five-on-three for San Jose.
  • Sharks win 4-0! Series tied 2-2!/

Highlight of the Game

Not only was Jones great, but he had some terrific help as well.

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