Top Six Minutes - Twice in a row?

For the second game in a row, the Canadiens were outclassed by their opponents.

No Laura this evening, so I can't promise her humour. No Andrew this evening, so I can't promise his insight. What can I say? I write the game previews.

- TSN2's Dave Randorf posed the question, how much of this [their recent lack of success] is due to the poor play of the Canadiens? I agree with colour Mike Johnson. A lot.

- Video of the Canadiens defensive coverage may not be made available online, due to objectionable content.

- How much of this is on Carey Price? I vote for a distribution of responsibility along the lines of 35-65 for Carey and his d-corps, respectively. Two hooks in two games is bad news, but Carey has had some terrible bounces and basically zero assistance.

- Speaking of objections, the Department of Player Safety may have some objections to Ryan White's transgressions this evening. White can be a useful player, but he's making it awfully tough for Therrien to dress him again.

- Speaking of poor defensive play, your team leader for ice time among forwards is none other than David Desharnais. What?

- Oliver Lauridsen had a tough night, contributing directly to each of the Canadiens' three goals and probably doubling the number of expletives TSN2 has caught on camera this year.

- Did Philly really lose another defenceman? At what point do you just run out?

- Conversely, Brendan Gallagher is the man. Unquestionably. Decent night from Chucky, too - a nice goal to draw the Canadiens within one, and a solid hit on Fedotenko that, unfortunately, occurred in a dangerous area of the ice.

- Pernell Karl Subban is back to a point-per-game pace, and his number of opponents injured while blocking his shots is approaching a one-per-game rate as well.

Tonight's 1st star will be shared by the thousands of commenters who enjoyed their regular game thread activities over at Stanley Cup of Chowder. Sadly, there will be no other stars, as the ol' Macintosh Tablet Computer wasn't up to loading the literally thousands of comments that were posted.

So, terrible defensive play? Terrible goaltending? Terrible coaching? Terrible luck? Discuss.

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