The day goes from class to trash

Update: An apology to Fred Toettcher and Rich Shertenlieb, co-hosts of Boston's 98.5 morning radio show who I presumed were the culprits behind the below story. The correct individuals from that station have been pointed out, but can still be referred to as Dick and Douche if you like.

Earlier today we touched on the great Jean Beliveau's 500th career NHL goal. Mr. Beliveau has always been considered one of the most dignified and respected personalities for his efforts not just on, but off the ice.

Mr. Beliveau would certainly handle the situation that follows much better, but not me.

Then we have people on the total opposite end of the spectrum.

Felger and Mazz, another pair of loser U.S. radio announcers from Boston's 98.5 FM that try, and fail, to mimic the genius of Howard Stern in the sports radio market, decided to tear into the Habs

The pair take shots at veteran Montreal Gazette writer Pat HIckey, then rag on the city of Montreal and Francophones.

Their rant was picked up on TheTeam990 and portions were linked on HabsInsideOut

It's really nothing new, as the fans and home city of the Montreal Canadiens are used to this abuse.

Nonetheless, I noted two things.

One: I didn't realize Pat Hickey was French. Thanks for letting me know this piece of information. He's sure had me fooled over the years.

Two: The Boston Bruins current head coach and current leading scorer, as well as a former Bruins rearguard named Raymond Bourque are all from Quebec. Excellent job of shooting yourselves in the foot, boys. Way to slam the heritage of members and alumni of the team you cover.

Hopefully the 6-1 pounding at the hands of the Detroit Red Wings tonight brought these two, and the rest of the Bruins faithful back to earth.

Bad enough I got to hear an earful from that twit Andrew Krystal here in Toronto, until TheFan590dropped his show. Now we get uneducated crap from these two.

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