Sunday Links - Training Camp Excitement Edition

Here are your weekly NHL and Canadiens links, and this also doubles as your Sunday Warmup thread. Read! Discuss!

Good morning! This is your Links and Warmup post for the first day of training camps across the league. The Habs will be at Brossard in a couple of hours, and we will finally get to see who got fat and how quickly they get called out by Michel Therrien.

In the meantime, I have some delicious links for you, and am excited that we will actually have things going on to link to from now on. Also this is your Warmup thread for Sunday so please go ahead and discuss potential lines and soup recipes here.

  • Let's start with the gold standard, Down Goes Brown, writing about the kinds of people we definitely won't miss now that the lockout is over: [Grantland]
  • What to do with Scott Gomez (on the ice, that is, not in terms of buying him out)? Christopher Boucher has your answer. [Boucher Scouting]
  • James Mirtle's been doing incredible work on the money and the numbers throughout the lockout, and now that it's over, he's still going. How the salary cap could get to $90-million: [Globe and Mail]
  • Alex Kovalev is getting a tryout with the Florida Panthers. Good for him, hope he stays there. [Miami Herald]
  • Friend and Favourite of EOTP Brian Wilde on the question marks the Habs have as they start the season: [CTV]
  • Ellen Etchingham uses the context of Canada's semi-final loss to Team USA at the World Juniors to discuss hockey narratives and falsifiable explanations. [Backhand Shelf]
  • Roberto Luongo's Twitter persona gets into it with The Iron Sheik, a famous Twitter account I will never understand. Really, it's like the stupidest thing ever, been quasi-outed as fake, and hockey fans eat it up anyway. Anyway, our buddy Thomas Drance has the write-up. [Canucks Army]
  • Sean Leahy takes a look at the new CBA and picks out some interesting highlights. [Puck Daddy]

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