Sunday Links - Happy Holidays Edition

Here are some Canadiens and hockey links you may have missed this week, including some sad news over at <a href="">Battle of California</a>.

Have you gained ten pounds yet, or should I ask again on Wednesday? Christmas baking is the best kind of baking, and waking up at 4 a.m. every morning to watch the World Juniors (what do you mean, you're not?) is going to be infinitely easier with some hot coffee and various peppermint/sugar/caramel/chocolate baked goods. Of course, we'll be on top of all that hockey goodness, and by that, I mean that Andrew, Bruce, and the others will be on top of it and I will watch and enjoy said coverage like the rest of you.

On to links. Since the Grand Forks Herald is EOTP's favourite news source, I checked it for some relevant links but found none, so we'll just make do with these (I've decided I'm boycotting lockout coverage for this week's links because it's Christmas):

  • Our favourite Bruins blog, Stanley Cup of Chowder, on why Patrice Bergeron should be a Canadien (okay, I bought this post with a donation to Movember, but you should definitely read it). [SCoC]
  • Our buddy Robert Rice on a smorgasbord of Canadiens topics. [AllHabs]
  • A sit-down with Alex Galchenyuk, who, it should be said, is making Leafs fans green with envy already. [intheoradio]
  • Speaking of Galchenyuk, he talked about how the Canadiens' advice to him is paying off. [PHT]
  • The wonderful Katie Baker on the upcoming World Juniors. Seriously I would read Katie Baker on anything. Even Rene Bourque. [Grantland]
  • You hate the Flyers but I like the Flyers and now some of the Flyers are in a movie (that isn't getting the loveliest of reviews, but I'm willing to bet it's not Ian Laperriere's performance that's the problem). [PHT]
  • Finally, it's Battle of California Week in today's links! First, Sleek retires from blogging, which is the worst thing ever. [BoC]
  • Then, Rudy Kelly retires on the same day, but can never die. [BoC]
  • Then, Rudy Kelly has died. [BoC]
  • Then, there's a new regime at Battle of California. [BoC]

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