Rating The Tank: The They Even Tried to Tank in the Shootout Edition

They were the better team, even if that’s bad for the tank it’s true.

Well, I have written a lot of words in my time as a hockey writer. At no point in time did I expect “Michael Pezzetta won the game for the Habs in the shootout” to be strung together into a sentence.

The Canadiens won a wild game in Buffalo to stick a sabre into their rival’s playoff hopes thanks to a blatant tanking manoeuvre in the shootout, and some unexpected goals in regulation.

The Good

The Habs were flat out better than the Sabres over the course of this game. With a five-on-five expected goals margin of 3.15 to 1.57, the Habs probably could have run away with this game in the third period. Jake Allen, despite some shaky moments, was big when called upon, including being a nearly perfect wall in the shootout to secure the win for the Habs.

Also, how can you not be excited to see that shootout winning goal and celebration from Pezzetta? In a season that has been tough on a lot of people, that moment feels good as hell and the vibes around this lottery team seem to be immaculate.

The Bad

They got two points and now sit 10 points behind the Anaheim Ducks in the lottery table and just one point ahead of the Arizona Coyotes. While they inflicted a wound to the Sabres’ playoff hopes, they also may have ended their own of finishing in the bottom four.

Also, Kirby Dach was pulled by concussion spotters after taking a hit from behind by Peyton Krebs in overtime. Dach did play the power play, but was removed shortly afterward. Habs fans are hoping it’s a better safe than sorry situation.

Lottery Movement

The Habs stay in fifth place, but with back-to-back wins they are dangerously close to moving up into seventh if they win again in Philly on Tuesday.

In some good news, the Florida Panthers lost again and their playoff chances are also dwindling in rapid fashion.

Tank Score


It was a fun game — the most fun I’ve had watching a game in a hot moment. However, in terms of the impact it had on getting Connor Bedard, coupled with a potential Dach injury, it’s a bad night for the tank overall.

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