Phil Kessel count down clock

It's been a long time since Phil Kessel has scored a goal in the NHL. In fact it's nearly Gomezian.

Last year Habs fans had a bit of fun at the expense of Scott Gomez, running a count up clock to the one year mark that he went without a goal.

Yearly 30 goal a season player and star player of the Toronto Maple Leafs, Phil Kessel is hilariously nearing a year without a goal himself. The Leafs have scored 25 goals by 11 players, none of them named Phil Kessel.

344 players in the NHL have scored goals this year, none of them are named Phil Kessel.

Noted goal scorer Josh Gorges has more goals this year than Phil Kessel. As do snipers Brandon Prust and Ryan White.

Hilariously the key piece in the trade to acquire Kessel, Tyler Seguin, already has a couple goals this season.

So I present to you, the Phil Kessel time without a goal count up clock.

The Leafs play tonight against the Hurricanes, another opportunity for Kessel to not score.

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