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On Monday, the Carolina Hurricanes inked Alexander Semin to a five-year, $35 million contract extension. The deal features a cap cost of $7 million a season and Semin will be 34 years and 4 months old when the deal expires in July 2018. From the blogs and comment threads I've looked at, Hurricanes fans seem happy with the deal and they probably should be. Semin is an elite scorer. Among players that have played at least 1000 even strength minutes from 2009-2012, only Daniel Sedin has posted higher ES points per 60 numbers from the wing. Although he's exiting his prime, players like Semin generate such value that the risk on a five year term is worth bearing. Eight-year, $60+ million contracts, are another matter. Overall, I very much wanted to see Semin in a Habs uniform in 2013 and this dream has officially imploded. If you're sad about this like I am, or just sad in general, here is some quality writing from around the hockey world that will hopefully cheer you up:

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