New Features Coming to EOTP

In a continuing effort to engage our readers and vary the experience people have on EOTP, we introduce two new features.

Here at Eyes on the Prize, we've undergone a lot of changes in the last two years. New management, new contributors, and a complete changing of the face of how we do analysis.

While there has been criticism from time to time, the overwhelming response has been positive. Over a third of the websites hits in its 6 year history have come in the last 12 months. We've experienced rapid growth that has, in all honesty, shocked many of us. SB Nation as a whole is also set to undergo a lot of changes that we feel will improve everyone's experience.

We've brought in new contributors to provide more high quality content for the fans of the Montreal Canadiens, as well as to provide alternate view points and cover the team's AHL affiliate, the Hamilton Bulldogs.

What we would like to do now is create a better relationship with the newcomers to the website, as well as the regulars. To do this we had a private discussion among the editors and decided to bring in two new features to be published on the weekend.

The first feature will be a simple mailbag. I'll be running that to start, and will be answering any and all questions you have about the site, the Habs, hockey, the NHL or what have you, to the best of my abilities. This feature will begin next weekend. If you have a question, please email it to this with the subject heading EOTP Mailbag. Please sign the end of your email with a name you wish to be identified by, even if it just says anonymous.

One note on the mailbag, keep it within the realms of what would normally be discussed here. I don't want to react like this:


The second feature will be a sort of roundtable discussion on a topic of the week between the editors and contributors here. It will be a feature with a rotating host from among the editors. It will read like a podcast in print. We'll still be doing a podcast, hopefully more often than we were able to last year, but this will be a more regular feature, also published on the weekend.

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