Canadiens vs. Maple Leafs Top Six Minutes: Despite Jonathan Drouin’s best efforts, Habs remain winless

The Canadiens fall to 0-6 in pre-season play.

The Montreal Canadiens took on the Toronto Maple Leafs for the second time this week. The Habs were hoping for a better performance than what they were able to show on Monday at Ricoh Coliseum.

First period

  • Montreal Canadiens vs Toronto Marlies, that’s fun.
  • An optimist would mention how consistent the Canadiens power play is. A realist would mention how it is consistently disappointing.
  • It’s Carey Price’s 500th game, I hope someone told the other Canadiens…
  • I think McCarron would have to be significantly better at fighting if he thought doing that would impress Claude. Also maybe time travel to 1997.
  • Drouin is going to drag this team to a pre-season win.
  • Andrew Shaw just reminding us this is not just Drouin’s first game back. On the power play too!/

Second period

  • The new rule was Goals scored when its five on three are worth half points, right?
  • He’s back, it’s fine, we’re fine.
  • It’s pre-season for the goal light too. It just got a bit over excited.
  • The announcers are irritated that goalies are pampered. I for one think that if they are willing to stand in front of a Weber shot they have the right to have breaks for skate blades or  Kit-Kats.
  • Penalty for being un-Fehr to Mete.
  • Carey Price is still a brick wall…..just with a doggy door.
  • A golden retriever sized doggy door.
  • Pacioretty is not the guy we want in the box to start the third…./

Third period

  • ….well we are off to a rough start.
  • If I write down that Alex Galchenyuk does something spectacular, do we think he will do something to make the statement true?
  • The Pacioretty, Drouin, Gallagher line will be exciting this year.
  • OKAY, Galchenyuk hit the crossbar. We get a power play. He did a thing. Kind of.
  • I’m loving what the Canadiens are doing. Confusing the opposition with a rough pre-season so they can shock everyone with a great regular season. Very smart. Very intentional and not at all stress inducing.
  • Nervous whispers of, “it’s just the pre-season”, can be heard throughout the city./

Highlight of the night

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