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Habsent Minded: So many cuts, so little time

Credit: Shanna Martin

As the Montreal Canadiens quickly approach the end of their pre-season, they’ve significantly reduced their camp roster before the final two games this week. Releasing roughly 30 players over the last two days, be it to their junior teams, Europe, or the Laval Rocket, there was a lot to go over, including some cuts that were a tad surprising to our panel.

In the latest episode of Habsent Minded, myself, Patrik Bexell, Jared Book, and Anton Rasegard got together to discuss the recent cuts, and what they could mean for the Habs roster taking shape.

We discuss the cuts of Joshua Roy and Owen Beck at length in particular from the forward group, and can’t quite agree on either front if these were the right decisions to make. Should they have given one or both a slightly longer look at camp than they did?

We also take some time to talk about the defensive side, most notably the situations with Logan Mailloux and David Reinbacher. The former remains with the Habs for the time being, while the latter was loaned back to Kloten in the Swiss National League A. We talk about each of their individual merits as seen through the pre-season to date, and the team’s overall approach to development in its rebuild.

Jared also has an announcement towards the end of the episode regarding his upcoming women’s hockey podcast, which will be on the channel starting this season!

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