Monday Morning Warmup - 11 straight games

The Canadiens are now 8-0-3 in their last 11, the second best record in the NHL over that time (stupid Chicago). Just how impressive is it?

The Montreal Canadiens have accrued 19 points in their last 11 games. RDS pointed out last night that it was the longest points streak the Canadiens have put up since 1993-94.

Here's what the team looked like in 1993-94. I think it's fair to say that before the self destruction of the Habs engineered by Ronald Corey and Rejean Houle, that was a pretty damn good team.

Want an odd coincidence? How about that defenseman JJ Daigneault was playing for that team, and is coaching the defense on this one?

The Canadiens haven't been getting the press they deserve this season, and it's not that surprising when you see that Chicago has gone 22 games without a real loss, but Montreal deserves some kudos here.

Early in the season, the detractors said the Canadiens had an easy schedule. When it got tougher, the Canadiens played at home too much. Now the Habs have taken 3 of a possible 4 points against the top 2 possession teams in the Eastern Conference, the only two teams that as of right now you could say are objectively better than Montreal.

This team is good, but how good can they be?

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