#HabsTwitterDraft: Decision Makers

Who will play the roles of Trevor Timmins and his team for Andrew and myself? Find out below.

While Andrew Berkshire and myself will be captaining/GMing the two teams for this first annual #HabsTwitterDraft, I have randomly split the rest of the Eyes on the Prize crew into two groups, each of which will help out one of us in uncovering diamonds in the rough and generally preparing for the draft, which will take place next Tuesday, September 24th, at 8:30 pm. The groups are as follows:

Team Parnass Team Berkshire
Adam (@SomersetVII) Bruce (@saskhab)
Chris (@ChrisBoucher73) Chris (@ChrisBoyle33)
Jean-Francois (@HABraCHadabra) Colin (@fakeScottGomez)
Laura (@Theactivestick) Dmitri (@dimiperdis)
Luke (@TheLVermeer) Ian
Marc (@Dr_Habs) Olivier (@Oli_Bou)
Matt (@DrakeMT) Robert (@SeriousFan09)
Mike (@HabsLaughs) Scott (@ScottMatla)
Patrick (@PatrickPerron23) Veronica (@chile_pepper)
Stephan (@StephanCooper30) Yves

Be sure to follow them all as they will be contributing to the draft in various capacities. Let the draft prep begin!

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