Canadiens vs. Bruins Top Six Minutes: Habs drop pre-season opener in Quebec City

There was both good and bad in the first pre-season game of the year.

For our new readers and members, the Top Six Minutes is a continuation of the discussion in the game thread. We try to keep it light and entertaining.

I still don't speak French, I don't know 90% of this Bruins team, and still can't tell half the Habs from each other. But It's the first real preseason game of the year, so who cares!!

First Period

  • All I really am hoping for out of this is that no one gets hurt, and that the Habs don't get embarrassed.
  • If the Habs don't hurry up and score some goals while Al Montoya's in the net, they're really going to regret it later...
  • I really love Noah Juulsen for no explicable reason, so be prepared for him to be yo-yo-ed between the AHL and NHL for a few years, before being traded for a third round pick when he's in his mid 20s. I'm not at all bitter.
  • It is probably not a good sign that the Bruins roster (who I've almost entirely never heard of) is keeping the Habs chasing around their own end.
  • I am also not heartened by the fact that the Bruins are outshooting the Habs 10-5.
  • How nice to know that the power play hasn't become any more lethal recently. Well, since you've failed 5-on-4, maybe you'll do better 5-on-3? No? Ok./

Second Period

  • GALLY GOAL. Now that is the proper way to start off the Habs goals. Joe Morrow with the assist. He's been looking good all game.
  • Julien must have said something to them during intermission. They look much better in the first two minutes of the second period.
  • A post, a really nice shot, AND ANOTHER GOAL. Sure is nice to see Grégoire, JDLR, and McCarron looking good.
  • AND ANOTHER POST. Boy the Habs woke up. Brett Lernout this time. Baby defencemen have some cannons on them!
  • That was a very, very, quick whistle from the refs.
  • The Bruins got it back. Boo. Oh Joe. Joe, you were doing so well until then.
  • Paulie. Why. Aaaand now Petry. That was...weak. Oh well. preseason for the refs too.
  • Ew. Hey Habs, you know that energy you had at the start of the period? Might want to edge back towards that.
  • You'd think that after a whole year, I wouldn't still be thinking 22 was Dale Weise.
  • aAAAND Fucale lets in the first shot he sees. :/ Also, Chucky, that was less than stellar.
  • Why is it that Fucale can make all the hard saves when he can hardly see, but not the easy ones?
  • GALLY jumping on someone? That's the last person I would have expected?? I guess that’s the Habs/Bruins rivalry for you!/

Third Period

  • Phillip, it is preseason. Please don't hurt yourself blocking a shot.
  • Dear Zach...please do not go on goalie adventures.
  • There's nothing more pleasing than watching a Hab skate away from a Bruin as the Bruin gets a penalty.
  • I've missed Gally in his office.
  • OY no touching our goalies.
  • Our defencemen can really shoot the puck. It's a pity nothing has come of it after the first four minutes of the second.
  • DO NOT HURT GALLY. ABSOLUTELY DO NOT. At least he looks ok.
  • Boy, Gally is extra punchy today! Oh Andrew.
  • There was a shot of Julien on the bench, and it took me a moment to realize that it was, in fact, the Habs bench I was looking at, not the Bruins...
  • It would not be a Habs/Bruins game without SOME kind of shenaniganry at SOME point.
  • Well there were definitely some good things, and some bad things in that game./

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