Habs Notes for the Day: Markov, Price, Walsh and a new face at EOTP

First up a welcome to the newest member of the Eyes On The Prize writing team. Andrew Berkshire. Readers of this site and HabsInsideOut.com will know Andrew from his commentary on both sites. Andrew will be offering his opinions on the Montreal Canadiens, as the season progresses.

You can also see some of his previous work at his blog.  Welcome aboard Andrew!!

Markov medical report: While team officials are making no formal announcement, it is a no-brainer that Andre Markov will not be with the team Tuesday Night against the Philadelphia Flyers.

The latest from news agency QMI is that Markov could be out anywhere from eight months to a year. Apparently their medical experts can analyze an injury, even while the knee is still swollen.

The Canadiens are not confirming this, and are not expected to make any announcement until later in the week after further test results are in.

Now, if the QMI's reports are true, it is quite possible that Saturday was the last game Andrei Markov ever plays in a Habs uniform.

But given prior overreactions by the French media (see: Andrei Kostitsyn, Sergei Kostitsyn and Roman Hamrlik), It's probably safe to reserve judgment until the team makes some kind of move.

In the meantime: The Canadiens make adjustments on the blueline, and Alexandre Picard is ready for the challenge.

Carey Price is the NHL's First Star of the week!: 3-0-0, 1.00 GAA and .957 SvPct

Really?: Even Allan Walsh congratulated Price in an interview with Puck Daddy radio.

"It's funny how many people think I had something vested into that whole situation. I don't ," Walsh said on last year's goaltending situation between his client Jaroslav Halak and Price.

"It was about my client, who went from a backup goalie on one team to a number one goalie on another team and doing well.

"I really am very happy to see Montreal doing well, and am very happy to see their goaltender playing well.

Walsh also discussed the Miroslav Satan rumour reported and later retracted by CKAC. "There have never been any discussions with Montreal, whatsoever, regarding Miro," he said.

The Colin Campbell debacle: What a train wreck this has become. Not only did it overload the author's site but it got into another MSM/blogger debacle when The Toronto Star's Damien Cox started calling out the report on Twitter.

But honestly, didn't anyone else see something like this coming with Campbell's son playing in the league?

Marlies prospect named AHL player of the week: How long till Brian Burke ruins this guy's potential, or trades him away and winds up with nothing?

A quick shoutout: To author and EOTP friend Todd Denault, who is on a media tour of Montreal Tuesday and Wednesday in support of his latest work, "The Greatest Game"

Todd will be on CBC Radio 1 between 3 and 6pm, and a guest during the first intermission on CJAD on Tuesday. He'll be back on CJAD during the Andrew Carter show, and on the Team990 with Mitch Melnick at 4:25.

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