Habs lines vs. Devils : Markov remains with Weber, Montoya starts

The Canadiens practiced ahead of their Monday night match up with the Devils.

Claude Julien seems to have liked what he saw against the Toronto Maple Leafs on Saturday, which means we have no changes to announce ahead of the game versus the New Jersey Devils.

It’s hard to criticize the lack of change. For the most part, the Canadiens controlled the pace of play, and now that forwards actually support the defencemen by giving them outlet options, the Habs are creating speed and puck control through the neutral zone.

The defencemen also remained unchanged, including the Shea Weber - Andrei Markov first pairing.

Al Montoya will start, meaning Carey Price should face the Blue Jackets on Tuesday night.

A lack of changes may not seem noteworthy, but in Montreal’s case consistency is a relatively new concept, and one that fans will surely embrace.

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