Top Six Minutes - Squandered Opportunities Edition as the Habs Lose To the Bruins

Your quick recap of tonight's Montreal Canadiens loss to the Boston Bruins

• The Canadiens had an amazing first period and a pretty good second, but they opened the third with asjhadjfhdfjdfkdlkjdlshdljshdjshdjskdhsjdhjsdhsdjhs and paid for it with the game.
• No really, let's talk about that first period. Do you think the Habs can play many more of those periods this season? Legitimate question. I really hope so, it was amazing.
• If the Bruins were supposed to be the real test, the Canadiens failed. But it really didn't seem so bad, to me. If the defense had been a little tighter in the third, if the coverage didn't lapse so badly there, the Habs would probably have won the game.
• Oh except for all those chances they squandered.
• So I guess the question is whether we think the Canadiens can improve on the brainfart front and put three periods together against a Stanley Cup contender.
• No Brad Marchand certainly makes for a more beautiful viewing experience.
• Holy crap does Milan Lucic like to take stupid penalties against the Habs.
• The Subban giveth, and the Subban taketh away. I love how he was sitting in the box all huffy, pretending to wonder why the officials called a penalty so late in the game after he completely bulldozed his opponent. The refs couldn't even pretend to turn a blind eye.
Raphael Diaz played the role of window dressing tonight. Therrien needs to have a chat with him, and soon.
• I can't figure out if Rene Bourque had a good game or a bad game. The guy is in my head, man.
• You know, I was thinking about this, and who I would trade on the Habs right now, and other than one defenseman because we have too many, I wouldn't really make any trades at this point in the season. Unless the opportunity to get a really good guy (Phil Kessel, I'm looking at you) suddenly arose out of nowhere. Good sign, no?
• Would you make any trades off this team?
• EOTP three starts of the night: honestly, I'm exhausted and had a shit day and it looks like all the green here is Bruins fans rec'in each other. Am I wrong?
• Fuck I hope the Habs beat Buffalo tomorrow. Two in a row, one to a bad team would be too depressing.

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