Hab An Ice Day - December 14, 2008


This weeks injection of Habs news features more looks back in time than it does current stuff. It was a rough week, and Canadiens fans aren't likely to be smiling this morning. Two straight loses and an injury bug can sap the spirit of any fan in times like this. It's kinda tough to grin and bare it, but ruts are always only temporary with this club. After all, despite the health of the boys currently, they did offer up a pretty exciting effort last night. Better days are coming!

This week, I have what Maguire calls a "monster" link for Habs fans of all ages. I'll be posting it last here today, because quite honestly, if I were to pop it here first, you just might not make it to the rest of the goodies.

First up, Four Habs Fans offers a video as a review of the Tampa game. It's a hilarious six minute or so clip from the movie "Stand By Me" that pretty much sums up what many felt about that game.

Dennis Kane offers up a flashback to when the Rocket appeared on Front Page Challenge years ago, as well as a pre - Rocket fame glimpse back in time.

Topham at Lions In Winter weighs in on last night's contest, and offers up a revolutionary way of tackling the Habs power play woes.

TSN recently put up a tribute page to the Habs centennial that boasts almost two dozen different intersting links. There's also a sneak preview clip inside the Hockey Hall Of Fame's Canadiens centennial exhibit.

Le3.ca is an online petition to help retire Emile "Butch" Bouchard's number 3. Getting it off Ryan O'Byrne back and up to the top of the rafters has long been a cause of former NHL ref and current CKAC personality Ron Fournier. The site features all kinds of Bouchard testimonials, and serves as a great reminder of the Habs first Quebec born captain. My signature is on the petition. Read all about Butch and add yours there as well.

This has been up for awhile, but there is alsoa Guy Carbonneau fan page, that includes just about everything you could ever want to know about his career as a player and a coach. It's fun to the pics of Carbo when he had a little more hair and a straight nose.

The Canadiens official site has a quickie on newest Hab Ben Maxwell.

Last and hardly least, check out the Canadiens "Our History" site. It's a trip and a half.

This weeks Habs girl features the full shot of the young lady whom I posted last Thursday as a teaser to the Tampa game. I learned my lesson - no more teasers!

While this lady is pictured in front of a cornfield, I've read online that she is actually a marine biologist. Word is that dolphins swim to shore when she is by the water and exclaim "owowamama" in a high pitched squeal!


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