Hab An Ice Day - December 7, 2008


Robert L note: Every Sunday at Eyes On The Prize, I will be doing a weekly roundup of Canadiens related articles from around the net, from the both the main stream media, and blogger outlets. So much is written on the Habs each week, that it is practically impossible to catch it all. Being that most Canadiens fans consider the team a sort of religion, Sunday is a fitting day to browse the web and gather them all into one place. Here is what I found from this week.

The Canadiens held their annual fan practice today, and to the surprise of many, Guillaume Latendresse emerged as the clubs most accurate sharpshooter in the target drill. Josh Gorges and Carey Price were up to fun tricks again. The two have been known for their post game win hijinks, but on this occasion you'll never guess what the pair switched this time.

Over at Habs Inside Out, Gazette scribe Mike Boone has his say on Alex Kovalev's play of late, and predicts that number 27 is in his final year with the Habs.

In an older post I found at NHL.com, Boom Boom Georffrion's bittersweet jersey retirement night is recalled. As you surely remember, the Boomer, long battling cancer, passed away on the morning of the night he waited his whole life for.

Lions In Winter looks back on what happened at Le Piment Rouge in Montreal, some 99 years ago.


Want to win a trip to see the Habs play? Have the round trip paid in full, and get a free tour and have a bite at the Bell Centre? Know how to return small favours? Thought so! The Hockey Hall Of Fame is offering fans 10 chances to get in on this. I knew about this link, as it is secretly published only in the Honoured Canadiens book. I've entered the contest, hoping to win. Barring that, hopefully a reader wins - then they could take me!

Dennis Kane makes a great case for the NHL doing for number 9 what it did for number 99 - that is retiring from being worn on the backs of mortal weasels such as Steve Downie and others. A great read!

Not Canadiens related, but likely inspired by last week's Ryan O'Byrne own goal, Hockey's Greatest Legends puts up video evidence of hockey's Top Ten greatest game bloopers. Top spot is an absolute chuckler, invloving then Blackhawk Steve Sullivan.

The Gazette's Dave Stubbs, throught the eyes of Jean Beliveau and Guy Lafleur, offers a fascinating take upon the event of the Canadiens unveiling of The Centennial Plaza. Steve Kenney's photo gallery accompanies the piece.

Canadiens president Pierre Boivin has been planning events regarding the Habs centennial for four years now. Curious to read that the 2005 lockout gave him a head start in getting things going.

A few weeks ago, On Frozen Blog caught up with the Capital's Jose Theodore to reminisce about the 2003 Heritage Classic game outdoors in Edmonton. OFB features an interview clip with Theo, that is quite revealing.

That's it for this week. Until the next - Hab a nice day!


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