Game Thread - Boston Bruins vs New York Rangers

This series is a bit of a mismatch, but if the first game is any indication, Henrik Lundqvist may be the great equalizer.

The Rangers brought the Bruins to overtime in Game 1, but that was mostly due to the brilliant play of Henrik Lundqvist. The Bruins vastly outplayed them during the game, with Adam McQuaid being the only Bruin to struggle mightily with possession.

That Boston was able to do this with all the injuries to their defensive core should be quite worrying to New York. Honestly I think the Bruins already have their ticket punched to the Eastern Conference finals thanks to the Leafs being the Leafs, but hopefully the Rangers can wear them down enough that the Penguins take care of them easily.

Should be a good game this afternoon, maybe Ragnarok will come.

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