Ference gets a slap on the wrist, Price shunned in Vezina noms

So for flipping the bird at the Bell Centre crowd, then having it broadcast across most of North America, Andrew Ference was fined $2500 for his actions. The Boston Bruins defenceman makes $2.25 million a season, far less than pocket change for him, and proves yet again how how seriously flawed the NHL's disciplinary system is.

Ference did make an apology, so that may have granted him some leniency from Colin Campbell's band of cronies. He spoke to the media today and was relieved that he didn't face a suspension.

Based on Ference's comments, the NHL seemed to feel the emotional carry over of the Bruins-Habs rivalry this season, coupled with the playoffs, had an impact on their decision.

"I talked to Mike Murphy (NHL senior vice-president of hockey operations) and explained the same thing that I told you guys (Thursday) night. He said the same thing, that it looks awful obviously. And with this series, the whole year, how it is between the Habs and the Bruins, the fine was acceptable.

"I was pumping my fist," he said. "I'm not giving anybody the bird or anything like that. It was unintentional and I apologize for it. It wasn't meant to insult anybody, especially a whole row of cameras at the Bell Centre and the fans there. It definitely wasn't my intention." - Andrew Ference

Montreal Canadiens fans, and several non-Habs fans will certainly beg to differ. Sorry Andrew, but the finger getting stuck doesn't hold water with most people.

The NHL also announced it's choices for the Vezina Trophy. The Bruins' Tim Thomas, the Vancouver Canucks Roberto Luongo and the Nashville Predators' Pekka Rinne are the finalists.

The Canadiens' Carey Price likely finished in the top-five. Price, known to shrug off individual achievements for a team result, commented briefly on the choice of finalists at Friday's optional skate. "It is what it is. The guys who were nominated really deserve to be there and I’m not going to take anything away from those goaltenders," he said.

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