A Bitter Bandwagoner Habs Fan's TSM: Wild, Wild West

Edmonton takes Game One after a crazy third period

The Habs are gone, so that means the Bitter Bandwaggoner Habs fan has returned. That means I’ll be writing TSMs for whichever games I happen to watch. Get ready for a lot of Anaheim and Pittsburgh/Washington.

Anaheim vs Edmonton

First Period

  • McDavid vs Kesler, that’s 90% of what we’ve heard going into this series, and early on, we sure have seen a lot of that match-up.
  • Kassian and Desharnais on the same team...this is very weird for me as a Habs fan...
  • It’s going to make me pretty unpopular, probably, but I’m rooting for the Ducks, mostly because of the whole Ducks-are-the-Utah-Grizzlies-NHL-Affiliate thing, but at the same time, rooting against McJesus, Draisaitl, Nurse, and some of these other guys is definitely tough.
  • Oh Drai, that’s not the sort of penalty you want to take...
  • “Scrum dog millionaires” haha amazing.
  • Possibly unpopular opinion, I love the Ducks’ jerseys.
  • I don’t love the Oilers going on the power play quite so much.../

Second Period

  • Oh boy that was a gorgeous goal from Getzlaf.
  • GIBBY.
  • Oh no, a 5-on-3 situation
  • Oh great. Getzlaf breaks his stick, and it’s basically 5-on-2.
  • Aaaaand Edmonton goal.
  • Please do not run over Gibby...
  • Haven’t seen Bieksa in a while.
  • I dunno if it’s because I got distracted by other things, but the second period has been much more boring than the first since the goals were scored.
  • That was a bit of a scary situation for Nurse, sans helmet!/

Third Period

  • No Bieksa on the bench.
  • This game has been pretty even overall, but the Ducks sure did come out hot to start the third!
  • Carlyle shuffling lines a little, it looks like.
  • Not Kesler vs. McDavid though. That’s still very, very much a thing.
  • Uh oh. I have a bad feeling about this penalty kill.
  • Yeeeahhhh. That’s about what I meant. Letes2.
  • Well. Um. Ducks not looking so hot anymore. What a disaster from the Ducks, and a nice shot from Larsson.
  • MAJOR EAVES. The Ducks’ goal horn is awesome.
  • Kay. Now get another one.
  • Uh oh... be ok Getzlaf...be ok...
  • Ah bah. Edmonton challenges.
  • GOOD GOAL. The comeback kings strike again!
  • That was good. Now get another, Anaheim.
  • Oh my. Drai has points on every Edmonton goal!
  • Well that was...horribly unlucky. Come on Anaheim. You know what you gotta do.
  • No more McDavid vs Kesler.
  • Boy this series is FUN.
  • Draisaitl scores into the empty net! What a game he’s had. That’s his fourth point of the night.
  • Kesler and Kassian end their nights in the box after a scrum gathers with 3.7 left in the game!
  • This series really, really is going to be a lot of fun.
  • Oilers win 5-3!/

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