Corey Perry is off the Market (and other links)

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Well, the dream of signing Corey Perry in the off-season has officially died. The Anaheim Ducks have inked the Peterborough native to a massive eight year, $69 million contract. In spite of rumors that he'd test the market, Perry chose to stay with the only NHL franchise he's ever played for. According to Bob McKenzie, Perry gave various reasons why he chose the Ducks including his relationship with captain Ryan Getzlaf and Anaheim's position in the standings as well as the fact that re-signing clubs can provide eight year contracts while new clubs can only provide seven year contracts. In summary, it's a sad day for fans interested in Perry's services and a happy day for the winger's family. Whether you fall into the former or the latter (hi, Mr. Perry), here are some links for the day:

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