Canadiens vs Sabres - Top Six Minutes - Buffalo Typical

It happened the other way around for once, but it was a typical game that Buffalo had no business winning.

  • The Canadiens earned their 2-0 deficit, no doubt about that. The David Desharnais line (aside from Brendan Gallagher) were atrocious in the first.
  • How many games in the last 3+ years has Buffalo won against the Habs where they were totally and completely outplayed, only to spend the last two minutes of the game and overtime on the powerplay? It makes no sense to get made in the context of this season, but it's infuriating and I'm tired of it.
  • Buffalo isn't an irritating team to play against, the calls that go their way, constantly, every single game against the Habs, are irritating. The Sabres themselves suck.
  • Colby Armstrong is on a two game scoring streak. Colby Armstrong!
  • I'm starting to feel really bad for Carey Price. I don't know how it's happening, but he's playing well and keeps getting crappy results. He probably only cares about the win column though.
  • I would not be upset if someone purposely injured Steve Ott. He tried to head shot Andrei Markov twice in the game and ran away whenever anyone challenged him. Travis Moen took his number and gave him a really nice check in the 3rd, but the asshole scored twice because hockey hates justice.
  • How dominant were the Habs tonight? They didn't have a single player in the negatives in Corsi or Fenwick.
  • I'm beginning to be extremely sick of the pairing of Desharnais and Max Pacioretty. They don't have the chemistry fans pretend they do, and Desharnais' lazy play in the defensive zone is rubbing off. Luckily Gallagher woke Pacioretty up in the second and third periods.
  • I would try putting Lars Eller with Pacioretty and Gallagher and stop sheltering him. That would allow for an exploitation line of Galchenyuk - Desharnais - Ryder once Bourque is back in the lineup.
  • The call on P.K. Subban that led to the Sabres winning the game on a 4-on-3 PP was atrocious. The kind of call that can't happen in regulation, but ruins the integrity of the game when called in OT.
  • Buffalo is really bad. Like really bad. The Habs were +33 on Fenwick and +45 on Corsi tonight.

EOTP Three Strs:

  1. Robert Rice with this gem: "Pacioretty loves playing with DD so much he's started imitating him on the defensive side of the puck."
  2. Lats with an idea to begin the third period that worked: "Someone go over to the Sabres game thread and say he will get a shut out."
  3. Matt Drake on why Pacioretty ignored Gallagher with his goal celebration: "He was busy looking for DD"

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