CBA Deal Struck, 2013 NHL Season to Begin Soon

Or go back to sleep. Whatever. It happened, there will be a 2013 Stanley Cup Champion after all.

In the end, a simple "thumbs up" emoticon from key NHLPA member Andrew Ference (seriously?) was the first confirmation that the marathon CBA session had led to the inevitable deal. The sides have been fighting over pretty much nothing for months now and yet they couldn't reach this point until Orthodox Christmas Eve.

The final paperwork still needs to be handed out, but we have a 10 year CBA with a $64.3m cap in 2013-14. I don't have time to really go over what else could be there, and frankly no one really cares.

Training camps start next week. If you're still along for the ride after all of this, I know Andrew has been waiting for this day for a long time and will do a heck of a job covering the season that remains. You should read him whether you're still watching the games or not, to be honest.

Anyways, if you're up for it, go lace 'em up and dig the P.K. Subban jerseys out of your closet. And if you're still too mad, I don't blame you.

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