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CTT: Guhle producing for Edmonton, updates on Harris and Struble

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CTT: OHL update - Mysak and Xhekaj’s exploits in Hamilton

An update on the Habs’ prospects developing in the Ontario Hockey League: Jan Mysak, Arber Xhekaj, Logan Mailloux, Daniil Sobolev and Joe Vrbetic.

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CTT: NCAA prospects update — Sean Farrell, Jordan Harris, & more

Sean Farrell’s return from holiday break, Jordan Harris’s contract situation, Luke Tuch and Jayden Struble’s offensive droughts, and many more updates on the Habs’ 10 NCAA prospects.

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Catching The Torch

A weekly update on the junior and collegiate members of the Montreal Canadiens' prospect pool.

CTT: Mid-season prospect round-up — Standout players, stats, & more

A full mid-season recap of the Habs’ North American prospects from the NCAA, QMJHL, OHL, and WHL.

CTT: Guhle, Mysak earn leadership roles, Simoneau returns

Catching up on this week’s news regarding Kaiden Guhle, Jan Mysak, and Xavier Simoneau.

CTT: OHL prospects update — Mysak, Xhekaj, Sobolev, and more

Catching up on the Habs prospects playing in the Ontario Hockey League, and what to expect from them in the upcoming weeks.

CTT: QMJHL Update — Roy, Simoneau, Kidney, and Trudeau

An in-depth update on the four Habs’ prospects who are currently playing in the Quebec Major Junior Hockey League, and what to expect from them in the upcoming weeks.

CTT: Guhle and Roy’s wildly different World Juniors expectations

A look into what we can expect from the two Canadiens prospects named to Team Canada’s 2022 World Junior Championship selection camp.

CTT: Dissecting Sean Farrell’s impressive NCAA start

A look at Farrell’s game under the microscope, with footage and hand-tracked data to break down his strengths and weaknesses.

CTT: Xavier Simoneau’s underrated, projectable game

A deeper look into one of the Habs’ most intriguing picks from the 2021 NHL Entry Draft — his strengths, his weaknesses and his NHL projectability.

CTT: North American Prospects Pyramid

Farrell sits atop the Canadiens’ North American prospects pyramid, an overall look at the depth of future talent in the pool.

CTT: NCAA update — Sean Farrell, Jordan Harris, & more

Keeping up with the Canadiens’ most notable collegiate prospects playing on the other side of the border, some of whom are in the top tier of prospects in the team’s pool.

CTT: OHL and WHL update - Kaiden Guhle, Jan Mysak and more

Checking in on the Canadiens’ OHL and WHL prospects — Jan Mysak, Kaiden Guhle, Arber Xhekaj, and Daniil Sobolev — and how well they’ve been performing so far this season.

CTT: Joshua Roy, Riley Kidney off to great starts in the QMJHL

Roy and Kidney are tearing it up for their respective QMJHL teams, but Simoneau might be out for a while.

CTT: Sean Farrell keeps piling up the chances

The prospects’s offence has dropped, but it’s not for a lack of creativity.

CTT: Gianni Fairbrother could have an NHL spot in his future

The defencemen is ready for pro hockey, and his defensive game is going to give him a shot at the top level.

CTT: Sean Farrell passes another milestone in his season of growth

Now with 100 points, Farrell is in full command of his offensive skills as his Junior career reaches its end.

CTT: Kieran Ruscheinski has unique athleticism

Once he works on his skating skills and puck control, the defenceman could end up being an exciting prospect.

CTT: What to make of the Jordan Harris situation

Understanding the decision to return to college from the defenceman’s perspective

CTT: Gianni Fairbrother’s defensive game projects as NHL-calibre

The defenceman uses his body and his stick to keep scoring chances to a minimum.

CTT: Caufield’s quick adaptability is the key to his accurate release

Shea Weber’s shot is only as good as the pass that sets it up. That isn’t the case with Caufield’s.

CTT: The Unbeatable Kaiden Guhle

The big defenceman is proving to be a human wall at the start of the WHL season.

CTT: Is Cole Caufield ready for the NHL?

As Caufield’s collegiate career winds down, how large will his next step be?

CTT: Rhett Pitlick and Jack Smith are taking the long route

This week, we check in on the USHL prospects not named Sean Farrell to see how their development is progressing.

CTT: Sean Farrell leaving a lasting impression on the USHL

Farrell has begun a new point streak after his record-setting run was stopped.

CTT: Luke Tuch is at home in front of the net

Pouncing on rebounds and an increase in ice time make for an impressive start.

CTT: Jordan Harris is showing greater offensive potential

The defenceman always had a sturdy defensive game, but he’s beginning to have more of an impact at the opposite end of the ice.

CTT: Cole Caufield is doing things you rarely see in the NCAA

Caufield isn’t just piling up the points, he’s creating the majority of the offensive chances for his team.

CTT: With WJC gold in hand, Cole Caufield has gone on a tear in the NCAA

The forward was forced to create a lot of his team’s offence this year, and he’s getting quite good at it.

CTT: Jack Gorniak is benefiting from a more assertive approach

The junior centreman has unlocked some offence this year. A few adjustments could help him score even more.

CTT: Luke Tuch quickly adapting to Boston University system

The prospect has begun his collegiate career, while Sean Farrell is piling up the points.

CTT: Jakub Dobeš settling in as USHL’s top goalie

The Omaha Lancers goaltender is a force to be reckoned with between the pipes this season.

CTT: Jayden Struble developing his total game at impressive rate

There were a few things Struble needed to work on after his first season of NCAA hockey. Each one has seen an improvement.

CTT: Blake Biondi may have a tough road ahead

The Canadiens need to practise patience with the centre as he works to break out of his current pattern.

CTT: Sean Farrell is a point-producing machine

Combine all of Farrell’s qualities and he has the makings of a dominant college forward.


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