Canadiens vs Stars Top Six Minutes: The Superior Benn

In a battle of the brothers, Jordie and the Habs came out on top.

For our new readers and members, the Top Six Minutes is a continuation of the discussion in the game thread. We try to keep it light and entertaining. Full recaps are up the morning after every game.

It’s a battle of the brothers Benn, and Greg Pateryn is back. The question remains, will the Canadiens be able to hold their own, or will they fall to yet another team out of the playoff picture?

First Period

  • Pateryn is going to score, isn’t he.
  • Jamie Benn in alone is never something you want to hear...
  • If you spend that much time in your own zone, Habs, you’re going to get Star struck.
  • Like that.
  • When Steve Ott has the Habs’ best chance* so far, you should be very very concerned.
  • *It probably wasn’t even actually a chance. (It wasn’t a chance.)
  • Just a reminder, when you’re outhitting a team 6-1, IT’S PROBABLY BECAUSE THEY ALWAYS HAVE THE PUCK.
  • *prod* Are you alive, Habs?? The evidence says no.
  • Oooh Radu is mad about something.
  • Hey, I think the Habs may have finally arrived 14 minutes into the game! Woo!
  • Regardless of who plays where, boy is the second line fun to watch!
  • Emelin looking pretty decent tonight. I’m going to regret saying that, aren’t I...
  • Pateryn looks distressingly good in green. I want him back. :(
  • When Markov ties Lapointe, I will be a mess. Just saying.
  • “Carey Price gets bored sometimes.” I mean, probably true.
  • Well. Montreal definitely woke up in the last few minutes there. That was impressive

Second Period

  • Danault just tried the one-handed Crosby play. Spoilers fam, it did not work.
  • Lehtonen’s rebound control is Not. Good. Now if only the Habs could do something with that...
  • Much better second period from the Habs so far.
  • Some day they’ll find those rebounds and not have sticks shatter at crucial moments.
  • Well, the second period has seen better hockey from the Habs, but it is allowing for much less angry commentary.
  • The Habs are never going to score again.
  • Oh no, Beau drops the gloves in a battle of the 28s.
  • OH NO JEFF. AAAARRRGGG. The Habs are never going to score again.
  • SO OF COURSE THE CAPTAIN SCORES. I really, really love Pacioretty. That is all.
  • Watching Paul Byron pull away from defenders never, ever gets old.
  • What. A. Chance. For. Plek. What a pass from Byron. Oh my.
  • Hahah that gentle tap from Price on Shore sitting in his blue paint!/

Third Period

  • I honestly didn’t think that was going to go in!
  • Crap....crap...crap....crap....crap... Let Pacioretty be ok. Let Pacioretty be ok. Let Pacioretty be ok. Let Pacioretty be ok. Let Pacioretty be ok. Let Pacioretty be ok.
  • Oh dear...
  • Oh good. Pacioretty is back. We can all breathe again....or was I the only one holding my breath...
  • The Benn brothers are on the ice together right now!!!
  • What a rocket. Good lord, Artturi!!!!
  • RADUUUUUUU. NHL, you’re on notice. Gallagher, Pacioretty, and Radulov have all scored, and Carey Price is Carey Price. Also, we have the General.
  • What a night. Markov ties Lapointe, they beat the Stars for the first time in forever at home, Pacioretty breaks a slump, Radulov breaks a slump, and everything is beautiful.
  • Habs win 4-1!!/

EOTP Three Stars of the Game

Third star: We all know the real source of the third-period magic

Second star: Thank you, Mr. Lehtonen

First star: Eight-year extension coming up!

Highlight of the Game

Artturi Lehkonen scores his 14th of the year, as Andrei Markov ties Guy Lapointe for 2nd all-time in points among Habs defencemen.

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