Canadiens vs. Senators Top Six Minutes: Dynamic Duo

In games against Ottawa, you never quite know what you're gonna get. It could be a slaughter either way. Tonight, the Habs took the win emphatically.

For our new readers and members, the Top Six Minutes is a continuation of the discussion in the game thread. We try to keep it light and entertaining. Full recaps are up the morning after every game.

Having Mike Johnson on this broadcast always makes having to play the Senators so much better.

First Period

  • I don't understand what the Canadiens have against Hudon.
  • Please get out of your own end at once, boys.
  • Oh righhhht. Mikkel Boedker is on this team. #FreeBoedker
  • How was no one able to put that past Anderson.
  • Not sure how that counts as a fight. AH. It's not. Either way, boo.
  • Price clears the puck on the kill all by himself, and the crowd is very appreciative. Also, we may have found one of the few teams whose PP looks as lethargic as ours.
  • Well, that was fun. In the most chaotic way possible. OOOH power play. This is a very long delayed power play...
  • What happens when a terrible power play meets a horrific penalty kill? Turns out lots of looks/shots but no goals.
  • Domi and Drouin on a two-on-one??? AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH
  • Oh boy that was gorgeous. That backhand.
  • God bless Carey Price.
  • It wouldn't be a Habs/Sens game without some snark. /

Second Period

  • Four-on-three for entirely too long. shudder
  • Good job team, good job.
  • All your drawn power plays belong to Jonathan Drouin.
  • Oh boy Byron with the speed.
  • I live for Johnson praising Jeff Petry.
  • Oh god. Goals off the face-off. The stuff nightmares are made of.
  • The anticipation that builds when Shea Weber winds up is incredible.
  • The game has by no means been boring, but it certainly feels much longer than normal.
  • DOMI AND DROUIN DO IT AGAIN. (Just in reverse this time.)
  • I don't know which goal of the three is the prettiest. Take your pick. The're all glorious.
  • If Jeff had scored that would have been icing on the cake.

Third Period

  • Now just don't blow this à la the Ides of March game...
  • Oh Max, you gotta live up to your terrible nickname there...
  • It might not have been conventional, but that awkward defensive move from Reilly worked.
  • Gally goals are the best goals. It is known.
  • Oh Kotka why...
  • Wait. Never mind. That was a soft penalty...
  • I can't possibly be the only one who now thinks of “Eye of the Tiger” as Lars Eller's song, but I probably am the only person who was momentarily confused about why they were playing Eller's song in Montreal.
  • If Weber had scored the roof would have come off the Bell Centre.
  • Please stop punching Andrew Shaw for no reason.
  • Forget the highlights, Brendan Gallagher knows first hand what the price is standing in front of a Weber shot.
  • Hand. Literally.
  • That was a little bit more of a fight this time. A little.
  • ...Why is it always Stone.
  • Ok boys...time to get it out of your end again.
  • Shootsy shoots too soon in that case.
  • Now THAT was a fun game.
  • Here's to hoping the next game goes just as well...
  • HABS WIN 5-2!!/

Highlight of the night

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