Canadiens vs Senators Game 3 Top Six Minutes - I don't even...

Your Top Six Minutes for tonight's Stanley Cup Playoff Round 1 Game 3 between the Montreal Canadiens and the Ottawa Senators.

• I'm gonna go ahead and warn everybody that I stopped drinking for almost two months and wrote this on too much scotch for someone who hasn't been drinking for two months.
• After one period: well the Senators are playing great, the Habs are playing terribly, but they can still get their shit together and win this game.
• After two periods: That was a miserable effort and the Habs deserve to lose the game and they should feel bad and we should be mad at them.
• At the end of three periods: That was a shit show, they should be embarrassed and we should be embarrassed. The universe should be embarrassed that tonight's game took place in it.
Carey Price needs to rebound from this game, and after the playoffs, rebound from this season because it has been meh by anyone's standards but extremely terrible by his.
• It's okay that I'm really fucking worried about him, right?
• All the credit to the Senators fans at ScotiaBank Place tonight. They were so great. That Pageau chant? Awesome.
• I hate them.
• Nobody asked you, Bruins media. Why are they always the first to jump in with their smug opinions about the Habs?
• Okay, so a bright spot. Brendan Gallagher, what. He was manhandled all game. Manhandled all game and they still couldn't slow him down one bit. What a player that kid is, sometimes it's just astounding.
• And, before that elbow, which leaves me desperately hoping that the NHL will not do anything about it even though it deserves discipline, Rene Bourque, what. He's been amazing through three games, and much of the games he played this season.
• On the flip side of that, I would like Michael Ryder and Max Pacioretty to finally realise that there is hockey going on and for David Desharnais to stop being completely invisible. I mean he's not even pissing me off like the other two are, it's ridiculous.
• It's not even like the Senators are effectively neutralizing these guys... they're neutralizing themselves.
• HNIC spent an entire intermission and then an entire second intermission talking about the words between P.K. Subban and Max Pacioretty. Words they didn't hear. Words they lip-read from the replays. They spent forty minutes, minus the commercials, ON A THING THEY DIDN'T EVEN HEAR. Of course it turned into Everybody Hates Subban type narratives and you could almost see Elliotte Friedman roll his eyes as he diplomatically tried to point out that it's the playoffs and it would be unlikely to have [whatever it was they didn't hear] affect a team in the middle of an elimination series.
• Subban will calm down, because Michel Therrien will make him, and either the coach has been successful at handling Subban this season or Subban has really grown up but I know he's not going to act like that again anytime soon.
• That line brawl was humiliating. Never do that again, Habs.
• Some will point out that at least that shows they care.
• If you care, you make them pay on the scoreboard. If you're fighting it means you don't think you can win and you're looking to the next game. Not a good sign.
• One day, when this postseason is long gone, I will watch all the coaches' press conferences and be entertained by them. They're probably hilarious. But Paul MacLean's are making me excessively mad and Michel Therrien's are making me excessively fired up right now.
• The event summary is hilarious. Check it out.
• Okay, so I think we need to talk a little bit about bias right now, because there is a lot of emotion flying all over the place but if we stepped back and tried to look at tonight objectively, at least three of our players put on shameful displays at one point or another during the game and some of them were borderline suspendable. It's fine if you don't agree with me, but I think it's not out of the realm of possibility that Ryan White, Rene Bourque and P.K. Subban get calls tomorrow.
• That's not to say all (or any) of the Ottawa Senators were saints. In fact, through my Tricolore glasses I thought every single one of them except Craig Anderson did something suspension-worthy tonight, but obviously that's my bias and it's probably like only fifteen of them.
• I said this on Friday. If the Habs win tonight's game, they can do anything. I'm going to say it again, if the Habs can rebound tomorrow after being completely slaughtered tonight, they can do anything. After all, remember that pounding on the scoreboard and in their faces they took from the Leafs, and how they went on that insane streak without a single regulation loss? If they won Friday, they can do anything. Including rebound from this and win the series.
• Fuck the Senators. The Habs can do this. I mean, they have to do this.

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