Canadiens vs. Red Wings Top Six Minutes: Working overtime

Alex Galchenyuk sealed a Habs win for game number 82, though it took an extra frame to get it done. The Canadiens’ strung-together lineup played a solid team game and skated away with two points.

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This is it, the 82nd game of the year, the last one before the playoffs. The Canadiens have booked a date with the New York Rangers, but before the post-season starts, the Habs roll into Detroit, Montreal’s final game at Joe Louis Arena.


  • We get to see the Sarge tonight!
  • That might be the bright spot in a hilariously underwhelming roster that Montreal is sending onto the ice.
  • Also glad to see Lindgren getting another start, the kid is alright.
  • Lots of buzz about Galchenyuk’s spot, but really, no judgement should be brought on tonight’s lineup, I shall wait to see our playoff lines.
  • Let’s hurry up and start so this game can be over with, already./

First Period

  • Lots of youth in Detroit’s lineup also - this should be... interesting.
  • Lindgren making a nice early stop, I like.
  • Chucky with a nice drive, maybe don’t give other teams (read: Chris Kreider) ideas about crashing into goalies, though.
  • Better energy than expected from Montreal so far...
  • Pressure by Detroit, but Montreal clears it.
  • No they don’t.
  • There it is, Nielsen scores off a broken play, but what a sweet backhand that was.
  • Cute, Robbie Russo tried to hit Michael McCarron. Truly adorable.
  • Huge stretch save by Lindgren, Price-esque, even.
  • 1-0 Detroit after twenty. The Leafs game has been pretty good, but don’t tell anyone. /

Second Period

  • An Artturi Lehkonen video montage is a good video montage.
  • Seriously, what’s not to love about the Super Finn? He’s got a hot hand of late, hopefully to be continued.
  • Bob Cole getting excited is pretty fun.
  • Way hey, the Habs have tied the game! Great shot by Beaulieu, awesome double screen by Danault and of course, Gallagher.
  • ...nothing is happening...
  • Nice fourth line shift by Big Mac and the Shakes.
  • A thing happened! It was a Red Wings goal, but it sure as heck happened. Nice one-timer by Larkin.
  • That got both teams skating, the speed just went up tenfold.
  • Super Finn! L’Arttiste ties it back up at deuces.
  • That’s how it ends after the second./

Third Period

  • Alright, we’re in this and even though prior to the game I didn’t really care what the outcome would be, now I really want to win this game.
  • Cheeky attempt by Byron on the two-on-one, but no cigar.
  • Lernout looked shaken, but not stirred. Can’t really afford to lose more defencemen.
  • Um... somehow, Lindgren kept the puck out there, really no idea how it happened.
  • Nevermind, that was Nate the Great rescuing a sure goal.
  • Honestly I’m really enjoying Beaulieu’s game tonight, he’s showing confidence at both ends of the ice.
  • Lindgren hits the post hard, but looks fine.
  • Gallagher blasts one over the net. Hell of a shot, though.
  • Regular season not quite long enough, we need overtime to settle this./

Overtime (A.K.A. “Extra Fun”)

  • Sigh, the octopus on the ice routine. At this point, I don’t find it special.
  • Chances at both ends, each goalie comes away unscathed.
  • There it is, ladies and gentlemen, the Habs win 3-2!
  • Galchenyuk makes a statement of his own./

Bring on the playoffs, baby!

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Lehkonen reaches 18 (!!) on the year.

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