Canadiens vs. Red Wings Top Six Minutes: Coming Up Clutch

Brendan Gallagher tied it up, and Alex Galchenyuk put it away in the extra frame.

Except for all of about five minutes, the Canadiens have been in first place overall in the NHL all season. They’ve only lost one game in regulation at home, and apart from the Aberration in Columbus, of the few games they’ve lost, none has been by more than a single goal.

Any fan of any other NHL team would think that Habs fans are sitting nice and pretty right now, at 15-4-2.

It’s a part of the culture of the Montreal fanbase to point at something, anything, to prove that the word ‘pleased’ might be good enough for other fanbases’ vocabularies, but not for ours.

Montreal lost its mind this week when context wasn’t addressed in a comment head coach Michel Therrien made when asked about his captain’s play recently. And then when Max Pacioretty, due to some confusion, didn’t take a skate after receiving the third star vs. the Hurricanes last Thursday, this became fodder for dissection in the ensuing days. It’s come to this.

15-4-2 and five division points ahead of the Lightning, with a game in hand. In the words of our venerable goalie: Chill out. Nobody says you have to be happy, but maybe, relax.

I’m really looking forward to Max Pacioretty’s goals tonight!

First period:

  • Bob Cole! My favourite!
  • So many empty seats in Detroit. Wow.
  • You’ll forgive me if I’m gushy about Radulov, yes? Because he’s great. He’s just great.
  • Shaw showing lots of jump lately.
  • Pacioretty has a fire in his belly. I wonder when we’ll get his first goal tonight.
  • Holy CRAP what a save by Mrazek on Lehkonen! Robbery!
  • Five minutes into the game, and so far it’s been completely played in Detroit’s zone.
  • Such a quiet arena, it doesn’t really feel like a real game.
  • Bertuzzi had a shot but we all knew that wasn’t going in.
  • Weber and Emelin are a combined +23. Seventeen of those belong to Shea. At some point, +/- counts for something.
  • Sorry, not much to say so far.
  • A linesman is fixing a little spot on the ice.
  • Bob Cole: “Price made the save anyway. And was ready for the second shot, which did not come.”
  • The Canadiens almost got caught with an extra man on the ice.
  • There seriously is not much to talk about so far, except for all the Red Wings’ icings.
  • The first super exciting thing that happened for Detroit ended up being an off side.
  • What is Gallagher supposed to do, exactly, every other team in the league? NOT try to score when he’s at the net?
  • Opposing players always act like he’s injuring their damned goalie.
  • What did I say? The Captain has a FIRE in his belly.
  • 4 on 4 for two seconds to end this period.
  • 0-0. Expecting the second to have a little more zip./

Second period:

  • Tons of energy to start this one - thank goodness!
  • Looks like Detroit iced a completely different team this period.
  • Beauty centring pass by Pacioretty to Gallagher. Still no score though.
  • OMG - the period’s nearly half over.
  • Penalty against the Habs. As long as it’s not on Byron, I’m good.
  • Um, Weber looks like he’s wincing in pain DON’T BE HURT
  • I love Bob Cole but he tries to liven up things that aren’t actually things sometimes and I get unnecessarily freaked out.
  • It still looks like Weber is in pain DON’T BE HURT
  • He’s a man mountain. He will be fine. Man mountain will be fine. He’ll be fine. He’s fine.
  • And now an accidental knee on knee.
  • Pateryn’s been very involved.
  • I feel like a penalty should be called on whomever stands on a puck by the boards for longer than three seconds. Very f—-ing irritating.
  • How is Shea Weber?
  • Still no score.
  • Weber’s on the ice!
  • Can people please stop calling Emelin’s hits “vicious”? It was a hit. And an awkward fall. Looked like a horrible fall but it was just a hit.
  • Help me out - is this that same Bertuzzi who almost killed that guy? It’s not, is it?
  • Three minutes left in the second, Detroit breakaway garners bupkes.
  • Shots are 12 to 4 for the Red Wings this period - surprised emoji
  • A big deal will likely be made of that, but it doesn’t actually matter.
  • Danault has a fabulous head of hair.
  • Still no score./

Third period:

  • Bob Cole: “Here’s a scoring chance, maybe!” It’s come to this.
  • Paul Barberio’s new look is nothing short of amazing.
  • CRAP
  • 1-0 Detroit
  • I love how Byron stands up for himself.
  • Detroit’s all pissed off because Bertuzzi got hurt. Might be time for Weber to throw a hit.
  • Yay! A Montreal powerplay!
  • Detroit clears the puck and fans act like they just won the Stanley Cup.
  • Was a good looking powerplay, but nothing.
  • Plenty of time left, though.
  • I feel a goal coming. The Habs are better than the Red Wings.
  • Apparently lying on top of Carey Price is allowed.
  • Whoa - how many injuries is that for Detroit tonight
  • Yeah!! 1-1!
  • He’s so happy :) Every time Brendan Gallagher smiles, an angel gets its wings.
  • Well, Detroit just had a goal literally gift-wrapped by Price, but couldn’t make it happen.
  • Bob Cole, I’ve noticed, says, “Detro-it.” I say, “De-troyt.” I wonder which one is right? I’ll take the word of anyone from Detroit.
  • Pretty sure Carey Price is laughing at Zetterberg right now. The crap he gets away with, my god. Zetterberg, obviously.
  • Has Shea Weber ever made a mistake since he’s been a Hab? I’m serious.
  • So, it turns out, Detroit is a French word. So we’re all saying it wrong.
  • Still tied, 4:30 left.
  • Plekanec has had a good night.
  • Carey Price is just great.
  • Overtime, you guys. I blame myself for setting the PVR to record 30 minutes extra./


  • A penalty on Weber? What in the frigging world.
  • What a load of crap.
  • What a ridiculous call.
  • So far, so good, no one’s lost or broken their stick.
  • If this were a four-on-three for Montreal, you know Weber would have scored by now.
  • 35 seconds left in the penalty!
    15 seconds!
  • Killed!
  • Agh!!!! Weber almost!
  • (I love Shea Weber)
  • Golden Gloves Radulov to ALEX GALCHENYUUUUUUUUUK
  • Kiss that logo!
  • Wahoo! Two more points!
  • Guess who’s still #1?
  • La Vie est Belle
  • Bonne nuit!!/


EOTP 3 Stars

Third star: It’s clearly the hands

Second star: An inauspicious start, but two points are two points

First star: How can you get upset about that celebration

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