Canadiens vs. Rangers Top Six Minutes: New York draws first blood

Don’t worry Habs fans, it’s only game one...right?

For our new readers and members, the Top Six Minutes is a continuation of the discussion in the game thread. We try to keep it light and entertaining. Full recaps are up the morning after every game.

Pre-game Thoughts

  • It is time for revenge! Sweet. Glorious. REVENGE!
  • All praise our lord and saviour, Carey Price.
  • Obligatory ‘screw you Kreider, hope you feel the wrath of Weber slapshot ASAP’.
  • Someone please make a drinking game out of all the Kreider crashing into Price mentions. Besides, who needs a functioning liver anyway?/

First Period

  • Gallagher has no qualms about flashing his patented ‘shit-eating grin’ early into the game. Take note Rangers, you are on thin ice.
  • Claude Julien looks like a cross between a disappointed dad and an angry gym teacher, whenever the Habs take a penalty.
  • Hahaha, who names their kid Tann...of course he’d score.
  • Habs power play goal, Habs power play goal, where fore are thou Habs power play goal?
  • Yup, I still hate the Rangers./

Second Period

  • In a complete reversal from the first period, Montreal is getting it’s lunch fed by the Rangers.
  • Seriously, did Price go into the locker room and yell at his team for not letting in too many shots?
  • My least most favourite penalty in hockey - delay of game on the Rangers.
  • And the penalty is negated almost immediately because the hockey gods hate Galchenyuk.
  • Seriously why is a flipping face-off violation penalty being called in the PLAYOFFS?!
  • The Habs are currently thinking, “Why stop with one penalty when we can take more?“
  • Maybe, just maybe, the Canadiens should consider playing hockey without doing their best ‘chicken with its head cut off’ impression./

Third Period

  • It’s only a one goal game. It’s only a one goal game. It’s only a one goal game...
  • Good news: the Habs are finally brave enough to attempt an incredibly dangerous task called shooting the puck on Henrik Lundqvist.
  • There’s definitely a problem when you are being unfavourably compared to Almost-Bourque (looking at you, King).
  • Please refs, take even more time before deciding to call a tripping penalty on Danault.
  • Price skates off the ice, my blood pressure increases accordingly...and for good reason.
  • Bear with me as I delve into a mini-existential crisis for a moment. Why is Galchenyuk stuck on the 4th line? Why is King even in the lineup? Why is Nesterov on the third pairing? Why don’t our defensemen bother skating the puck out? Why is our power play still a train wreck, wrapped in a Bruins jersey, inside a flaming bag of poop?
  • Then again, it’s only game one. It’s only game one. It’s only game one. Breathe in, breathe out. Breathe in, breathe out. We still have a games to go. Rangers take it, 2-0./

EOTP Three Stars

3.  You weren’t the only one.

2. Truer words have never been spoken. Er, written.

1.  From your keyboard to Julien’s ears.

Habs Highlight of the Night

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