Canadiens Vs. Rangers Top Six Minutes: Radulov overtime winner ties the series

Plekanec gets Overtime and Radulov gets the win

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Pre-game Thoughts

  • I’m still looking forward to the first Habs goal of the playoffs.../

First Period

  • Shaw Hit at least we know they are awake.
  • Carey is awake too, this is all good news.
  • Lundqvist losses his stick, his shutout and his temper.
  • Brendan Gallagher is EVERYWHERE, which is probably refreshing for Lundqvist, who is no doubt used to him being in his crease.
  • I will refrain from making a pun about Grabner Grabnering the puck from Buealieu, because that would be horrendous.
  • Paul Byron’s first ever playoff goal!
  • Brendan Gallagher is not a piñata./

Second Period

  • Shaw takes a cross check to the head, but yea sure who needs a power play?
  • Apparently the Rangers do? Sure let them have one.
  • Apparently This evenings meeting for the council of bearded Habs is being held in the penalty box.
  • Gallagher is NOT A piñata!
  • With the amount of time we’re spending in the box, i’m starting to suspect they may have heated sets in there./

Third Period

  • Break(away)-ing news, Paul Bryon is fast.
  • Beaulieu is having a rough day.
  • If Gallagher was the puck this game would be tied.
  • I am seeing some good things..most of them are from Gallagher.
  • 1:30 left and we put out Pacioretty, Radulov and Galchenyuk. Yes please.


  • Why is the fourth line out there right now?
  • Overtime power play.
  • Our power play is over, but it does not look like our power play is over. All the offense is coming from Montreal.
  • The Bell Centre is so excited they just forget to boo Kreider.
  • Philp Da-NOPE.
  • Carey Price is keeping this game alive.
  • GOAL!!! RADULOV!!!!!!
  • Habs win 4-3 in overtime, tying the series 1-1./

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Habs Highlight of the Night

Radulov finds Plekanec for the game-tying goal with just 17 seconds left

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