Canadiens vs. Rangers Top Six Minutes: A frustrating night at the Garden

Each team put two pucks in the net, but only the Rangers’ goals count.

First Period

  • We are off!
  • Weber shot, just outside of the net.
  • Shaw kicks it to get the puck into the net via a Ranger. - No Goal!
  • Second two on one for Rangers, Price comes up big.
  • Gallagher smile - I have missed that!
  • TOUCHDOWN PACKERS!!!!! (sorry it just happened with 11 seconds left against the Cobwebs)
  • Lundqvist sells that contact very well...
  • Price just being Price.
  • PowerKill™️
  • More Carey Price magic.
  • WTF - That wasn’t really deserved.
  • Intermission and time for a new pot of coffee./

Second Period

  • Second period starts as the first; Hudon-Plekanec-Lehkonen with a great shift in the Rangers zone.
  • Power play Rangers.
  • Rangers gets open chances; but Price puts on a goalkeeping class.
  • l’Arttiste with a great effort.
  • Another penalty for Montreal, at least Byron will be on the ice during this box play.
  • Byron with a shorthanded chance, he is so fast I think the camera man lost the focus.
  • l’Arttiste vs the King, I have seen that on some Frölunda practice before.
  • Why is it that Refs rarely see something but the initial penalty, if something happens during the delayed call they never see it. /

Third Period

  • Box play over. Now lets get going, please?
  • Pacioretty, Druin and everything Lundqvist.
  • Oh shit....
  • Playoff de ja vu...
  • Galchenyuk got a promotion to the top line, was that a mirage?
  • Empty net.
  • But no goals come from it/

Highlight of the night

EOTP 3 Stars

3. This is what we’ve become

2. Agreeing with Lucic. Things must be bad.

1. They seemed to have forgotten that a high stick that draws blood is two more minutes, not two fewer.

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