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Canadiens vs. Predators Top Six Minutes: Better effort, same result


  • Tonight the Canadiens welcome back a familiar face, a former stalwart on their blueline, one whose presence is still being missed inside the locker room. Hell, you could even say the Habs could really use someone like him right now…
  • That’s right, welcome back Alexei Emelin!
  • Wait, who did you guys think I was talking about?/

First Period

  • Jakub Jerabek is fitting right in with the Montreal Rockets.
  • Andrew Shaw drew two penalties to give the good guys an early 5-on-3. Chalk that up among things I didn’t expect to see in this game.
  • Okay, that had to be the most pathetic 5-on-3 I have ever seen. Did the Habs even manage a shot on net?
  • Jordie Benn did the THING! You know, that THING! THE MOST IMPORTANT THING!
  • A late Preds power play? What could possibly go wrong? Oh crap, he-who-must-not-be-named did the thing. Damn I miss seeing those type of plays on the Habs.
  • Well, look on the bright side, at least the Habs only gave up one goal./

Second Period

  • Poor Antti Niemi, him and his plain white helmet and his mismatched equipment. He looks like he needs a hug.
  • Every time I watch Kyle Turris, I am reminded of how hard it is to trade for a centre in this league. /s
  • Dump, dump, dump the puck, gently down the ice… ♬
  • Seriously folks, not much of anything is happening in this period.
  • How much abuse does Brendan Gallagher need to take before a penalty is called, refs?
  • Watching Montreal on the man advantage is a special kind of torture./

Third Period

  • Meanwhile, Forsberg strikes again on the power play to show Montreal how its done.
  • You get a roughing penalty! And you get a roughing penalty! And you get a roughing penalty…
  • Brendan Gallagher seems to be the only guy showing any signs of life for the Habs.
  • Empty net time. Hopefully this makes a difference.
  • Viktor Arvidsson misses, but Joe Morrow doesn’t. TIE GAME!
  • Thank you Hockey Gods! We got a point! We got a point!/


  • Antti Niemi is standing on his head, withstanding the Preds OT barrage.
  • Now if only Rinne could stop goalie-ing for a bit.
  • Jerabek nearly completes the comeback, when the Nashville decided to make the best line change ever./


  • Of course the ex-Senator would score. Of course he would.
  • Oh well, the Habs tried. That’s gotta count for something…
  • I wonder how Marc Bergevin is feeling right now?/

Highlight of the Night

EOTP 3 Stars

1. First star of the night, IMO.

2. You weren’t the only one.

3. Wow, he does look like Jordie Benn.

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