Canadiens vs. Leafs Top Six Minutes: Goalies can’t score goals too

It was Charlie Lindgren vs. Everyone tonight in Toronto.


  • I’m full of corned beef, cabbage and Irish whiskey, let’s get this show on the road folks.
  • It’s still weird that Plekanec is a Leaf, like super weird, like seeing someone you went to high school with but they’ve shaved their beard and are somewhere successful now.
  • How many times am I going to eye roll at the bad narratives in this game and how long until Michael McCarron inevitably fights someone?/

First Period

  • Slow start, few chances, and oh ho hum, our goalie has to stone someone on a breakaway again.
  • Apparently Jake Gardiner didn’t like Jacob de la Rose’s turtleneck, at last based on that crosscheck.
  • It’s rather terrifying playing a team that has multiple lines that can seemingly score at will, it’s good to see the Habs keeping pace with that so far.
  • Oh look Charlie Lindgren has to be amazing again,and I have no idea how Tyler Bozak didn’t score there.
  • But Nylander scores on the power play because of course.
  • Given the difference in quality between these two teams I think being down just a goal so far is a small victory in and of itself.
  • Preemptive “Shut up Don Cherry”/

Second Period

  • Can we stop with the breakaways guys?
  • I’d have said something more witty here but I was too busy being slackjawed the broadcast saying John Tavares is too old for Montreal, but Valtteri Filppula is an option.
  • (Tavares is six years younger than Filppula)
  • Can someone please help out Lindgren, poor kid has made a half dozen highlight level saves in the opening 25 minutes.
  • Or don’t, taking a penalty is totally going to help!
  • Jonathan Drouin killing penalties is not a thing I ever expected to see.
  • (Another two massive Lindgren saves)
  • Toronto is making some questionable choices with the puck, would be nice to capitalize on those mistakes Habs.
  • Or not that’s cool too.
  • Holy crap the NHL might have gotten a goaltender interference call right!
  • Sigh, was wondering when I might notice McCarron, shame it’s for something not good.
  • And the puck is in the net, this is like a far worse version of Groundhog Day./

Third Period

  • I haven’t even paid attention, but I see we took a mindless penalty.
  • You know, because Charlie Lindgren hasn’t had enough work already.
  • Hey there Paul Byron, way to try and make something happen!
  • So that’s what the offensive zone looks like.
  • Much like the Habs tonight, I haven’t got much folks, just hoping the team leaves without doing something stupid, or someone else getting injured.
  • Good, ole this team out of the building, what an awful showing on Saturday night./

Highlight of the night

EOTP 3 Stars




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