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Canadiens vs. Jets Top Six Minutes: Highway to the Danger Zone


  • Alright, brutal four game stretch coming up so the Habs need to get off on the right foot against the Jets.
  • Standing in their way is Connor Hellebuck…Hellebuyck…Hellebyuck? That guy in net for Winnipeg.
  • Patrik Laine hasn’t been a real threat in over a fortnight, so keep an eye on him busting a slump against the Habs./

First Period

  • Oh good, a Lemieux is playing, I’m sure nothing stupid will come of that.
  • That Drouin/Gallagher/Danault line is doing all of the good things again, great shift in the Winnipeg zone.
  • And then of course, Mark Scheifele finishes off a perfect counter attack by Kyle Connor.
  • Hoooooo boy Drouin came to play again tonight folks!
  • Hey it took less than ten minutes for Brendan Lemieux to stir the pot, looks like I called that pretty well.
  • Hellebuyck needs to Hella-F(REDACTED ) off.
  • Are the Jets going to join the Habs in playing hockey or nah?
  • Joel Armia is playing keep away against his former club, and it’s a pretty one-sided contest for the Finn so far.
  • I have no idea how the Canadiens aren’t leading by four goals after that period, what a start for the Canadiens. /

Second period

  • Yep, it’s definitely a Good Drouin Night.
  • One day, Victor Mete will score a goal, but it is not this day(so far anyways)
  • Oh, and Carey Price…Still really good!
  • Joel Armia is the Kool-Aid Man, he’s just flying through everyone in a Jets sweater tonight.
  • Nic Deslauriers elevate the puck man!
  • What a great set up by Charles Hudon too, everyone is flying out there tonight.
  • Kyle Connor with a brilliant penalty to slow the Montreal momentum.
  • I repeat that Connor Hellebuyck just needs to stop doing that, it should be 5-1 Habs at this point.
  • Oh Mete.
  • Oh now we’re calling penalties?
  • Drouin reallllllly wants that third goal tonight. /

Third Period

  • Bit of a sloppy start, good thing Carey Price is there to do Carey Price things.
  • But guys, maybe go play in the other end for a little while.
  • Lemieux, unless you’re trying to eat a blocker for dessert, I wouldn’t annoy Carey Price too much.
  • Drouin ->Weber=Insurance baby!
  • Nine shots on goal for Drouin and the final period isn’t even half over, what a freakin’ game from #92.
  • I’m not sure of the legality of it, but Shea Weber just straight up duffed Mark Schiefele in the chops to deny him a scoring chance.
  • Deslauriers turned down a fight, I have officially seen it all tonight.
  • Mint baby, just mint.
  • Well that’s some garbage by Perreault in a blowout, be glad Max Domi didn’t get loose friend.
  • Just please don’t get hurt now.
  • Or allow a goal to Brendan Lemieux.
  • Bring on the Maple Leafs!/

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