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Canadiens vs. Hurricanes Top Six Minutes: Hurricanes blow through Montreal

For our new readers and members, the Top Six Minutes is a continuation of the discussion in the game thread. We try to keep it light and entertaining. Full recaps are up the morning after every game.


  • Sooo… they’ve only lost three games since January 15 — the Hurricanes, not the Habs obvs.
  • And the Habs haven’t won a game against the Hurricanes since February 29th… 2020.
  • Well, no time like the present!/

First period

  • The Canes could have opened the scoring with a very, very ugly goal as Allen fumbled to stop it. Thankfully that’s where the ugliness ended.
  • Pezz snatches up the puck, blows a tire but still gets off an impressive to Belzile but he’s hooked by Staal.
  • Here we go. Now’s our chance. It’s power-play time.
  • We can wait for an even-strength goal if that’s what you’d rather. Power-play goals are overrated anyway.
  • Dvorak takes a hit from Noesen and heads to the room after landing on his shoulder. ‘Cue upper-body injury. Take it easy, Noesen. It’s not like we can take your playoff spot.
  • Here we go. Now’s our chance. It’s four-on-four time as one slash cancels out the other.
  • Ok, so we’re seriously just going to focus on a full-strength goal. Cool, cool, cool, cool.
  • Without having to deal with being hooked, Belzile fools Raanta and opens the scoring!
  • In a partial breakaway, Suzuki lands face first into the crossbar. No way I’m the only one who cringed at that one. Pretty sure he’s picking paint out of his teeth.
  • Hoffman makes it 2-0!
  • Oh dear. We’ve made the Canes angry as they cut the lead in half 15 seconds later. /

Second period

  • The Habs drove Raanta from the net! No, not really. He’s injured. Let’s hope Andersen is cold. Not our Anderson, their Andersen. Our Anderson is hot. You know I wasn’t going to let that one go.
  • Well, even if Andersen is cold, the rest of his team isn’t. Skjei ties it up.
  • Not for long though say Mr. Pezz! After finishing a hit on Kotkaniemi, Pezz heads to the net to scoop up a pass by Tierney.
  • Things are getting feisty and we’ve got a 4-on-3 on our hands.
  • Another blocked shot by RHP. That’s got to be block #102 since he’s been with the big club. Or maybe 33-ish. Close enough.
  • Hoffman switches to baseball tactics and tries to bat in the puck. Let’s just stick to hockey, Mike./

Third period

  • We start the period in the lead once again. Let’s keep it this time, shall we?
  • Edmundson hits Fast and Fast looks totally flabbergasted that he would do such a thing.
  • Ylonen fires and hits the post.
  • A scramble in front of Allen and we’re tied up again. Looks like goaltender interference to me but what do I know. What does anyone know about goaltender interference really?
  • Oh hey! St-Louis thinks the same thing. Challenge time.
  • We got it right, Martin! Virtual high five, my man!
  • Allen saves it first with a rolling save then Pezz follows it up with his own dive save.
  • Fast ties it up with 3:38 left to go. Clearly he never got over his flabbergastedness./


  • Some good passing going on with the Habs there looking to end this thing. Not the annoying kind. You know what I’m talking about.
  • One minute left and St-Louis calls his timeout. Got our breath now let’s get it done.
  • You’d rather go to a shootout? Fine./


  • Suzuki has a perfect record in shootouts. Can he take all the shots?
  • Pitlick: Right through Andersen!
  • Burns: Top shelf.
  • Suzuki: Naturally.
  • Svechnikov: Sorry dude.
  • Drouin: Nice try, Jo.
  • Teravainen: Damn you.
  • Dvorak: Damn you too.
  • Aho: We’re still in this thing.
  • RHP: That would have been sweet.
  • Jarvis: Heehee.
  • Anderson: Almost. I still love you, Josh.
  • KK: Damn you the most. /

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