Canadiens vs. Ducks Top Six Minutes: Ducks in a Row

The Canadiens had all their ducks in a row against Anaheim.

For our new readers and members, the Top Six Minutes is a continuation of the discussion in the game thread. We try to keep it light and entertaining. Full recaps are up the morning after every game.

I kind of just always assume the Habs are gonna lose against California teams. Yes I know Anaheim is bad, yet all I can think of is:

First Period

  • Not gonna lie, I like getting to see the white jerseys at home.
  • Well, that was a zing-y start!
  • The Finns are flying.
  • OH GOD A TWO-ON-ONE ALREADY??? Thank you Jeff. Thank you Carey.
  • GALLY GOALS ARE THE BEST GOALS. Seriously, that sniiiiiiiiiiiiiipe though!
  • So it's one of those games is it??
  • So of course the Habs then let the Ducks get some ridiculous chances.
  • Fortunately, Carey Price is on point.
  • GAAAALLLLYYYY GOAAAALLLLL!!!! (This is not a recording!!!)
  • What even is this period.
  • Something stupid is gonna happen. Something stupid is gonna happen and the Habs are gonna lose.
  • Come on, get Gally a first period hat trick.
  • The crowd chanting Carey's name is never gonna get old.
  • Can we just reject this power play? (Come on boys, prove me wrong.)
  • Poor Chad Johnson.
  • That was a hilarious first period.
  • Here's the real question though...can they keep this up in the following two?/

Second Period

  • Ok, Habs, here's your mission. Get Victor Mete a goal, and get Gally the hat trick.
  • Jeff, don't run your goalie, Getzlaf, don't run Jeff. Kay? Kay.
  • Oooh that was a nice move from Hudon.
  • Do we really have to go on the power play?
  • Oh geez. This is exactly how we're gonna lose the game; by falling asleep in the second period.
  • ...Damn it Habs, really????? I didn't want to be right.
  • Dear Montreal, the Ducks may be bad, but they are still an NHL team with players who can score if you let them sit in the offensive zone!!!
  • Brett...Brett why...
  • At least they killed that off.
  • Daaaang Domi! That was a very nice shift./

Third Period

  • Daaaaaaaaanaaaaaaaaaaauuuuuuuuuult.
  • JoDru is on fire tonight. All the points are belong to him.
  • The Finns creating absolute mayhem is so much fun.
  • Domi getting all the looks.
  • Well, at least that wasn't a bad power play.
  • Awww man, that was close.
  • Thank you Carey.
  • Well. That was a very fun game.
  • HABS WIN 4-1!!/

Highlight of the Night

EOTP 3 Stars

3) The most threatening duck I’ve seen tonight

2) A depiction of the first period

1) It was never a fair fight

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