Canadiens vs. Coyotes Top Six Minutes: Carey Price holds the fort for his 300th win

The netminder kept the Habs in a game, and got rewarded for his effort.

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  • I’m hoping for a Montreal-wins-but-Alex-Galchenyuk-catches-the-Golden-Snitch sort of game. I guess that would translate to getting a hat trick./

First Period

  • Tomas Tatar came pretty close there.
  • Victor Mete is very much awake out there.
  • Galchenyuk vs Max Domi faceoff, likely providing us with the photo to match the game narrative.
  • Lawson Crouse wants a piece of Jeff Petry.
  • Is there some long-standing blood feud between The Coyotes and Jeff Petry I don’t know about?/

Second Period

  • Shea Weber opening the period with a trademark power-play goal./
  • Two good power-plays in a row would have been too much to ask for I suppose.
  • I resent the implication that Oliver Ekman-Larsson’s goal was identical to Webers. Ekman-Larsson’s was swell, but Webers was a destroyer of worlds. I winced just watching him wind up.
  • There were a LOT of shots on Carey in a very short amount of time. It is safe to say He’s on his game tonight.
  • That was a fancy dancy move from Max. We should probably leave the ballet to the Leafs though./

Third Period

  • PAUL BYRON! starting the period off right!
  • I’m pretty sure the howling sounds are from the same Halloween CD i had as a child.
  • EXCUSE ME, that net has been knocked over Price for some time now. He is NOT  a hermit crab. How about a whistle? Thanks.
  • I am very uncomfortable with it being a one goal game in the third. There needs to be a no over-time past 11:30pm rule. Someone put that in the next CBA.
  • Domi missed the open net. If Arizona ties it up it means they won the trade..or is that not how this works?
  • Carey Price gets his 300th win./

Highlight of the night

EOTP 3 Stars

3) Scoot Mattle was positively chuffed to see this beauty

2) Can’t come up with a game plan against this strategy

1) Three goals against in 120 minutes of play is pretty good I guess

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