Canadiens vs. Capitals Top Six Minutes: The Hudon Show

Despite the loss, Charles Hudon, Jonathan Drouin, and the Habs gave the Bell Centre faithful quite the show.

For our new readers and members, the Top Six Minutes is a continuation of the discussion in the game thread. We try to keep it light and entertaining. Full recaps are up the morning after every game.

Every time I plan on watching/covering a preseason game in the hopes of seeing Lars Eller, he doesn't play. At least there's Ovi. The Habs are icing a really excellent pre-season roster, so here's to hoping we get a good showing.

First Period

  • Love, love, love the Hudon-Plekanec-Lehkonen line.
  • Oh, hello DSP. How necessary to see you.
  • Ah the stone cold windmill from Price. Missed seeing that.
  • Jyrki Jokipakka is one of the best names in hockey.
  • Oh Lehk. Lehk why this. You are better than this!! sigh. It's moments like this when I realize I follow too many Caps people. I didn't need to be told Kuznetsov scored twelve million times.
  • Power play goal two. Ew. Picture perfect tip off Davidson's stick and past Price. Please stop taking penalties.
  • Plekanec makes the perfect short-handed set up to a very sneaky Andreas Martinsen...who's gorgeous shot shatters his stick. This is the kind of game it has been so far.
  • Don't worry Caps. The Habs’ power play sucks.
  • Mango is not having a good night.
  • The Habs’ power play is still missing. Shea Weber's slap shot is very not. Zach Sill took his life into his own hands, blocking the shot WITH HIS HAND.
  • With all these penalties being called, it is absolutely imperative that the Habs’ power play improve. /

Second Period

  • Charles Hudon doing what Charles Hudon does best. Score goals. (It was on the power play, by the way!) Victor Mete with a very nice assist. He's looking really, really good.
  • Speaking of guys looking good, Daniel Carr is reminding fans of his existence.
  • Hudon almost made it 2-2 on the power play. There is no way this guy is going to play in the AHL this year.
  • I did not realize Mete still had another year in Juniors. He's going to be good.
  • It's disastrous moments like that when I am very glad Carey Price is our goalie.
  • NOW THAT'S A POWER PLAY. O Captain, my Captain.
  • Wow. Everything about that was beautiful. Perfect wind-up fake from Drouin, perfect cross-crease pass from Hemsky to Pacioretty. Perfect shot
  • Drouin's creativity on the power play is an absolute breath of fresh air.
  • Speaking of the power play, I don't know what happened between the first period and this, but if this is the real version of the Habs’ power play, this is going to be much better than anticipated. There is movement on the power play, and creativity./

Third Period

  • Really good shift from Mango there.
  • Maybe it's just me, but the Habs seem to have the puck a lot more than they used to.
  • After the constant penalty box parade in the second period, the third has been pretty quiet so far...
  • Habs have quite the advantage in shots. 38-21!
  • Of course DSP scores on a weird bounce waaaay over Lindgren's head. And of course that's going to be the GWG.
  • Honestly though, Drouin automatically makes the power play so much better.
  • Habs really making the Caps’ goalie work. Obviously you want to win, but this game (the second period especially) made me excited for Habs hockey again.
  • Shots are now 43-22.
  • So of course the Caps get an empty netter.
  • Welp, that's all she wrote. Habs fall 4-2./

Highlight of the Game

Here it is. The perfect goal.

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