Canadiens vs. Blue Jackets Top Six Minutes: Keep Calm and Carey On

Price is in his net, and all is right with the world.

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I missed the return of Carey Price, so I'm very much hoping we get a repeat performance tonight, and that the Canadiens look very different from the last time I did game coverage...It would also be nice if Bobrovsky didn't shut the Habs out again.

First Period

  • Wow. Ok the Habs look a lot better than they did the last time I watched them. Which was against Dallas.
  • I love Brendan Gallagher.
  • I also love Carey Price. He made that save look SO easy.
  • You know who else I love? Jonathan Drouin. On the power play and everything too! That was quite a shot. Also, a very nice screen by Shaw there as well.
  • I love that post that PLD just rang too.
  • One day Hudon will score again.
  • That was definitely a better first period than I was expecting. You've gotta forgive all the giddiness. I've forgotten how it feels to have happy things happening to my hockey team./

Second Period

  • I do not like all these penalty kills. Please stop, Habs.
  • Habs playing some nice hockey still!
  • When I said don't take more penalties, that includes running over the goalie.
  • At least Jesus Price is back tonight. Good lord. It feels like a mortal age since the Bell Centre chanted his name.
  • Do not break Petry. We need him.
  • That was a fun almost Deslauriers goal!
  • Damn it Dubois. Of course. Defencemen, please try not to run into your goalie.
  • CJ challenges since Anderson took the stick out of Price’s hand.
  • It stands, but it was worth the effort./

Third Period

  • Oh my goodness. I didn't realize the Blue Jackets’ power play is THAT bad. Yikes.
  • UHG I don't like the post this time!! Shaw beats Bob, but not the post.
  • Dear Habs, please play with a bit more hustle in your own zone. You're making me nervous. I have seen too many third period leads/ties go up in flames to be comfortable with this. (To be fair, they were largely not Habs games.)
  • Putting the fourth line out against Panarin at home seems unwise to say the least.
  • Dear Habs. Stop turtling. Stop it.
  • Thank you, post.
  • Shaw and company may have been quiet thus far, but there was nothing quiet about that big hit Shaw just threw.
  • Ok Habs power play. Please do not implode...
  • Gallagher almost scored the Dubois goal without people running over Bob.
  • UHG Bobrovsky with the crazy save, and now Rosie takes a penalty at a very bad moment.
  • The Habs are going to give up a dumb garbage goal that goes in off a Habs player to tie this game.
  • Why was that not a holding call.
  • Jerabek with a HUUUUUGEEE hit. Boy that was fun. That may have been the old-school Emelin hip check.
  • Oh god Habs. Why.
  • Soooo absolute mayhem?? I don't even know how to describe this? I'm pretty sure there were three straight odd-man rushes??
  • The energy is back, at least!
  • WELP. THERE'S THE SHAW GOAL. (It was an empty netter, but who cares!!)
  • Patch and Shaw break six game scoreless streaks. This is good. PLEK GETS A POINT TOO.
  • Price is back, the fans are singing, and the Habs win 3-1.
  • Revenge is sweet.
  • It's even sweeter when you leapfrog Ottawa with the win!/

Highlight of the Game

Keep Calm and Carey On.

EOTP 3 Stars

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