Canadiens @ Sabres Top Six Minutes: Habs get a point, but can’t slow Buffalo’s run

They held the lead for a few minutes, but couldn’t grab it again in overtime.


A team dressed in blue and yellow, with tons of Swedes on it, might be difficult for me to remember which team I should be rooting for. It’s game time - the Buffalo Swedes vs Montreal Canadiens coming up on the Top Six Minutes at Eyes on the Prize!

First Period

  • Finnish goalkeeper against Sweden, let’s see if that’s smart from Coach Julien or if it will implode.
  • Teams are trading some chances but no high-danger stuff just yet.
  • The game is not as open, nor fast, as I had expected it to be.
  • Casey Mittelstadt, a non-Swede on the Swedish team, makes it 1-0.
  • Dahlin really should have put that one in, what a play.
  • After the goal, Buffalo has been buzzing whereas Montreal just hasn’t...
  • ... and cue the penalty kill coming up./

Second Period

  • Big shot from Petry that decks Thompson who limps off gingerly.
  • A too many men call against the Canadiens.
  • Holy Moly, what is the Canadiens defence doing?
  • Another penalty taken by Montreal (feeling like a broken record here).
  • The Buffalo power play looks very similar to the Canadiens PowerKill™️
  • Gallagher looks like he will try out for Liverpool after having seen Manés new contract, goal waved off just as it should be.
  • PowerKill™️ Montreal with 34 seconds to go in the second period. /

Third Period:

  • Nope, the Montreal PowerKill™️ is the worst.
  • SHOOT, but no, Tatar doesn’t.
  • Can we decline a one-man advantage?
  • Maybe we shouldn’t. David Schlemko with a bomb after about 0.5 seconds, that is tipped in by Andrew Shaw.
  • Nemi doesn’t look stable at times, but he does keep the pucks out.
  • Tied game. Crap.
  • Two rebounds, two goals in the back.
  • Close but no goal in the last minute for Buffalo. Overtime it is. /


  • Domi messes up his play in the defensive zone, and gets called for a minor when he tries to save the day.
  • Power Play Buffalo. Can you just not let a rebound go Niemi!!!
  • Another rebound and some crazy stuff in front of the net, the puck is in the net.
  • Petry, Danault and Benn must have been dead after close to one-and-a-half minutes of 3-on-4 in the overtime.
  • Can’t wait for CSKA-SKA for some high quality hockey tomorrow. /

Highlight of the night

EOTP 3 Stars

3) Gotta keep an eye on those wily old veterans.

2) I don’t think Gallagher is fond of disallowed goals.

1) A big compliment.

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