Canadiens @ Red Wings Top Six Minutes: Habs are in good hands with Jake Allen

Facing almost 40 shots on goal, the outcome could have been a lot worse if not for Allen.

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  • Remember taking home the win over the Maple Leafs on Wednesday night with 18 seconds left? That was fun. Let’s do that again. I’m looking at you, Anderson.
  • To be fair, I’m always looking at Anderson.
  • Though, we don’t have to push it to the dying seconds. That gets hard on the heart./

First period

  • It’s so nice to be able to easily spot Gallagher as he zooms up the ice. As opposed to last season when it was more like, “Who’s the dude who looks like he’s about to collapse?” Oh. That’s Gally.
  • Allen comes up with a big save to keep it at zero and we’re not even halfway through.
  • He’ll probably have to do a lot more considering Detroit has triple the shots of the Habs (15 to 5).
  • Wait a minute. Hold the phone. Guhle is on the missing list. Where. Is. Guhle?
  • Ben Chiarot takes a shot at Gallagher while he’s down on the ice. Up pops Gally to then pop Chiarot and almost knock his helmet off. Just two old pals having some fun.
  • To make it even better, no penalty called on Gallagher. Refs must have misread the number on the jersey.
  • Anderson heads to the box for interference and Detroit heads to their second power play of the period.
  • Now that’s how you do a penalty kill!
  • Letting 25 shots make their way to Allen is... not ideal. /

Second period

  • This Detroit team is looking pretty good. I don’t like it.
  • So, Detroit doesn’t get called for cross-checking. Good to know.
  • Chiarot starts pushing Dach around this time. Obviously, Ben misses being a Hab.
  • Hey! Guhle is back. Maybe not at 100% after that head-knock into the boards he took though.
  • Gallagher attempts to flick the puck in and gets Caufield in the head with it. We need Cole, Gally. Don’t do that.
  • Chiarot, dude. We get it. You miss us. But stop trying to push around our captain.
  • Xhekaj is going to throw down before the game is over it’s just a matter of who his victim will be. I hear Chiarot is looking for a dance partner.
  • Daaamn, Allen. We’re in good hands with you.
  • Suzuki gets called for “tripping” Larkin. More like Larkin was blown over by the wind resistance created as Suzuki skated past him.
  • Allen, my man. You’re getting a taste of what Carey has gone through all these years and you’re channeling him like a champ./

Third period

  • Detroit finally manages to solve Allen on a lucky bounce. Who lets a 6’8” dude play hockey anyway?
  • Turns out the Red Wings don’t get called for high-sticking either, even when there’s blood drawn. Just ask Kaiden Guhle.
  • Off to the power play we go. The perfect time to tie this up for Allen.
  • Anderson’s on top of Suzuki’s rebound but Husso doesn’t let it through.
  • Such a close Gally goal. Doesn’t have the same ring to it as “Gally goal!”
  • Allen heads to the bench with just over two minutes left. I feel that’s not a good call. But I’m not the coach.
  • Though, maybe I should be a consultant of sorts. Empty-netter makes it 2-0.
  • Seriously, St. Louis! Did you learn nothing from pulling Allen the first time? Empty-netters count you know.
  • Instead of being 3-0 we still would have had a chance. But, again, I’m not the coach. /

EOTP 3 Stars

3) Even the trees are doing it

2) That keeps us going for a couple of weeks at least

1) He very nearly stole one

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