Breaking News - Habs GM Gainey to announce resignation today

Whoa, shocker! Glad I didn't name this site in Bob we trust after all!

In an unforeseen story, TSN is reporting that Canadiens general manager Bob Gainey will be stepping down after 7 seasons at the helm of the club. Reports are that assistant GM Pierre Gauthier will assume the position on an interim basis.

A press conference has been called for 4 p.m. and you can listed to it here.

Listening to radio station CKAC this morning, french commentator Martin Maguire was speaking about the approaching trade deadline in regards to what the Canadiens would be doing in terms of their goaltending questions. Maguire had it on good sources that while Halak in the past been shopped, including very recently, that offers for him had not increased. However, Maguire pointed, offers for Carey Price were piling up.

This would be a connundrum leading to philosophical differences, one that would cause Gainey to step down.

Two scenarios: Gainey has traded goalies at this time of year, twice before. I do not think it unthinkable that at this point he would part with Price with the right offer on the table. As I see it, he was about to do one or the other, and the Molson family stepped in.

This story will use up a great deal of ink and be talked about for years. It will be curious to see how much Gainey admits.

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